Friday, August 21, 2009

Fix and Undo Facebook ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ Settings

I am not sure you face this problem after you accidently click on the ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button in Facebook request page, then you will never receive the request or gift or invite from your friend any more for the applications or games. I am sure you try to find a way to fix it in Facebook or rollout / undo after you click on ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button.

I am believe you start worry as you won’t receive the invite from your Facebook friends any more if you are playing the same games or use the applications. Actually, this is due to the Facebook enhance the features to allow users ignore the invite from specific friends send you too many application request and you need to always clear and ignore it by one by one. So, now you can use the Facebook Ignore Application Inviters features to ignore all the application invites from specific friends if you really want to ignore it permanently.

Below steps are help you to recover back / undo / fix (depend how you call it) after you click on the Facebook ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’, and now you want it back:-

1. Login to Facebook and  move your cursor on the ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Privacy Setting’

2. Click on the ‘Applications’

3. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab beside ‘Overview’

4. You scroll down until end of the page, then you can see the ‘Ignore Application Inviters’ and your friend’s name below it.

5. Click on ‘Remove’ for your specific Facebook friend’s name

6. Click on ‘Save Changes’ button


After you done the above steps, then you still can’t find your friends invites or request or gift that they send to you before in Facebook request page. Yes, all gone. You need to ask your friend to resend to you again if needed. No choice, as when we click on the ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button in Facebook, and it didn’t prompt a meaningful message and alert on this, even didn’t provide a link for us to remove or undo your action if you accidently click on ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button.


Facebook Request Disappear! Fix and Undo the Ignore Action!