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Facebook Restaurant City Tips and Tricks

Restaurant City Level 32 (New)image

Restaurant City Level 27restaurant city level 27 with drink

Facebook Restaurant City
game is the another online flash game which develop by Playfish who developed the Pet Society game as well. Below some Restaurant City tips and tricks that it may help you to start for this online computer flash game. Lets play and enjoy the features during your free time. :)

Restaurant City Tips and Tricks:-
1. You can employ your friends to work in your restaurant, but you need to monitor their health, and you need to feed them food when they are not happy in order to provide a better service for your restaurant and attract more customers. Usually is around 3 hours, your restaurant popularity will be drop less than 10. Try to maintain your worker health more than 80%, and just give them the 'Drink' will do.

2. You can visit your friends restaurants to get the credits and some time you may get ingredients, or even you can click the rubbish on the floor to get the coins.

3. Click the tree beside your restaurant and you may get coins, although not much but it help you to buy food for your workers when you don't have enough coins.

Restaurant City game has daily quiz when you access it, but the most important is to get the correct answer in order to get the free item. Some restaurant city quiz answer you can get from below "More great Facebook Restaurant City game info for below links:-".

5. To get more customers to your restaurant with better services and results, you can try use the 'Island' layout as below screen capture. There are many sites to provide their layout too, and you can refer below my own few
Facebook Restaurant City layout with popularity 50, and you can see other pictures in other points with popularity 50 too.

6. Tried few different stoves, and looks like the speed for the services are the same. May be you can try the most expensive stove to compare with the cheapest stove and see any different, but you need to have additional coins first before you try it.

7. Give a good restaurant name (Banner) and with a beautiful decorated restaurant then it may attract more peoples come to visit you in the
Restaurant City game.

8. Try level up on the same dish, and it will help you get more experience when serve the customer per table in Restaurant City game.

Dish Level 10 - 2.8
Dish Level 9 - 2.6
Dish Level 8 - 2.4
Dish Level 7 - 2.2
Dish Level 6 - 2.0
Dish Level 5 - 1.8
Dish Level 4 - 1.6
Dish Level 3 - 1.4
Dish Level 2 - 1.2
Dish Level 1 - 1.0

9. Employ the worker to be a cook rather than a cleaner, as it will help you get more money and increase your experience faster when you just start your restaurant city game. Once you have a bigger restaurant and able to employ 8 people to be your restaurant's worker, then you can get one worker as your cleaner to clean your toilet.

10. You can exchange the locked ingredients with your friends that you needed and it will speed up your learning on the dish. You can check the Restaurant City ingredient star rating, less star mean more difficult to get it.

11. You can buy the Arcade Machine in Restaurant City game, it will help to get more people come to your restaurant and keep your popularity, although 1 x Arcade Machine cost you 8000 coins.

12. You can leave your cook or waiter continue work in your restaurant when offline, then you can get extra coins after few hours you login to your Restaurant City game. The popularity will drop a bit and you need to give the food to your cook or waiter or cleaner after login, but you gain extra Restaurant City coins, max is 2000 coins.

13. When you get more customer come to your restaurant, then you can put some chairs for your customer to seat first and wait for the next available table.

14. You need to be in your own restaurant to run the business in order to get the experience for this Restaurant City game.

15. Some of the restaurant ingredients are VERY difficult to get, even your friend won't exchange it with you, but you still can buy the ingredient from the market. When you see the ingredient's cost is around 3000 or below, quick buy it, because it may cost you more than 4000 next day. Sometime the 2nd and 3rd ingredients will move to 1st and 2nd ingredients on next day market with cheaper price, but if you want to buy it then just buy it. DON'T MISS IT!

16. You can buy the music player in Restaurant City now, and change the CD (cost 8000) to a nice music and get more customers come to your restaurant.

17. Please to take note if your restaurant worker need rest or food with energy level down to 0%, and you still didn't logoff your Restaurant City, then your restaurant popularity will drop till less than 10. It is very slow to bring up your Restaurant City popularity more than 50 in this case and it take sometime, so you remember to logoff the computer game if you have no time to monitor your restaurant worker.

18. You may find that your Restaurant City friends may not always want to exchange the ingredients with you. Actually, you can check your friend restaurant's MENU first when you enter their restaurant and see which ingredients needed for their STARTER, MAIN DISH, DESSERT, and then only exchange the ingredients with them.

19. You can use the Restaurant City camera to take the photo and keep it in your facebook album.

20. There are a lot of successful restaurants in the Gourmet Street that you can see how they design their restaurant and tables. Most of their restaurant dishes already up to level 10, but you can't exchange the ingredients with them.

21. Join the Gourmet Club after you clicked to Random Street, so that other Restaurant City players can rate your restaurant when they able to see your restaurant in the Random Street.

22. If you try to make two tables or more in your restaurant and you have difficulty to put the waiters in both tables. Every time you out and back to your restaurant, then one of the table will not have waiter and your restaurant popularity will be dropped immediately, this is called bad 'Feng Shui'. You can try to move your tables to different location or different facing, then out and back to your restaurant again and make sure the waiters are still inside your 'Island' design table. 'Feng Shui' is very important, no matter in your game or your real world when you run the business in order to get a higher star ranking from customer. TRY TO MAINTAIN YOUR RESTAURANT CITY POPULARITY 50 OR MORE THAN 45 POPULARITY! HIGH RANK ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS!

23. Once you reach the Restaurant City level 27, then your next aim is to try deco your restaurant as beautiful as you can, and level up all your dishes to level 10. It really take sometime for you to gather all the ingredients, and think on your own design on your restaurant. After that you can join into Gourmet Street as one of the Restaurant City STAR. Remember to take the photo on it and share with your friends.

24. Be proactive to ask for the ingredient with the new feature in the 'CHANGE MENU'. You can click on the 'Ask For Ingredients' loud speaker icon, then select 3 ingredients that you are looking for then submit it. It will publish your needed 3 ingredients picture on your Facebook home page and let your friends to see, then later exchange it with you. Speak out your need!

restaurant city select more dishes and drink

restaurant city drinks fridge

25. You need to buy the ‘SODA DISPENSER’ or ‘DRINKS FRIDGE’ now in order to serve the drink, if not your customer will complaint and impact your restaurant city popularity.

restaurant city layout with drinks fridge

26. Yeah, now you can select more than 1 dish for ‘Starter’, ‘Main’, ‘Dessert’ and ‘Drink’ in restaurant city menu, but quick check your selected dishes now as the system may set to other lower level dishes unless you choose it by yourself manually. You can double click on the dish to de-select it, and only choose the highest level dishes. You not need to select 2 or 3 dishes in same category, as it will slower down level if you are not level 27 yet when you serve the lower level dishes. Remember to choose the highest one or or same level dishes to gain more experience. Above screen capture is my restaurant layout with drinks fridge at rank 50.

27. Keep maximum 6 steps for your restaurant waiter, so for the best restaurant table layout, you try to design it where your waiter just need to walk maximum 6 steps from chef or drink fridge or soda dispenser to your customers. You can put any table layout as you like and monitor it for while to see the results.

Restaurant City Menu dishes with recipes:-

(17 x Starter, 25 x Main, 15 x Dessert, 12 x Drink)

Starter Classic Tomato and Basil Soup Tomato Tomato Basil  
  Tasty Garden Salad Salad Tomato Egg  
  Standard Chicken and Leek Soup Chicken Leek Leek  
  Cream of Mushroom Soup Mushroom Milk Bayleaf  
  Royal Vegetable Chowder Milk Potato Peas  
  Simple Pea and Bacon Soup Peas Peas Bacon  
  Camembert Baked in a Box Cheese Cheese Bread  
  Tuna Fishcakes Tuna Flour Potato  
  Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil Bread Tomato Basil  
  Lamb Samosas Lamb Flour Bayleaf  
  Caribbean Chicken Salad Chicken Beans Salad  
  Lobster Soup Lobster Butter Lemon  
  Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Cream Chili  
  Sweetcorn Soup Sweetcorn Cream Egg  
  Simple Lamb Skewers Lamb Garlic Lemon  
  Standard Onion Soup Onion Garlic Bayleaf  
  Tiger Prawn Platter Prawn Garlic Lime  
Main Standard Margarita Pizza Cheese Tomato Flour  
  Simple Roast Chicken Chicken Potato Salad  
  Gourmet Hotdog and Fries Sausage Bread Potato  
  Burger and Fries Bread Beef Potato  
  Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni Cheese Tomato  
  Roast Beef Beef Carrot Salad  
  Classic Tuna Steak with Vegetables Tuna Potato Carrot  
  Classic Spaghetti Carbonara Pasta Bacon Egg  
  Spaghetti Bolognese Pasta Beef Tomato  
  Royal Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken Rice Bayleaf  
  Simple Tuna Sushi Tuna Tuna Rice  
  Sausages and Mash Sausage Potato Butter  
  Chili Con Carne Chili Beans Rice  
  Lasagna Beef Cheese Pasta  
  Caesar Salad Salad Bread Egg  
  Vegetarian Fried Rice Rice Tofu Leek Mushroom
  Lobster Lobster Butter Salad  
  Gilled Rump Steak Beef Potato Salad  
  Yakibuta Ramen Noodles Pork Onion  
  Seafood Paella Rice Saffron Prawn  
  Mapo Tofu Tofu Rice Chili  
  Pork and Apple Chops Pork Apple Onion  
  Bak Kut Teh Coriander Pork Garlic  
  Three-cup Chicken Ginger Basil Chicken  
Dessert Simple Fruit Selection Banana Strawberry Apple  
  Simple Strawberry Cake Strawberry Flour Butter Sugar
  Chocolate Cake With Ice-cream Chocolate Flour Ice-cream  
  Strawberry Cheese Cake Strawberry Cheese Flour  
  Pancakes Flour Egg Butter  
  Creme Brulee Egg Cream Sugar  
  Royal Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Flour Sugar  
  Cheese Board Cheese Cheese Cheese  
  Banana Split Banana Cream Ice-cream  
  Sundae Ice-cream Chocolate Cream  
  Mango Pudding Mango Milk Lime  
  Kiwi Sorbet Kiwi Lemon Sugar  
  Royal Exotic Fruit Skewers Dragon Fruit Mango Kiwi  
  Pomegranate Parfait Pomegranate Cream Egg  
  Vanilla Panna Cotta Vanilla Sugar Milk  
Drink Tasty Glass Of Water Water Ice Lime  
  Espresso Coffee Beans Coffee Beans Water  
  Coffee Coffee Beans Sugar Milk  
  Tea Tea Leaves Sugar Water  
  Chocolate Milkshake Chocolate Ice-cream Milk  
  Classic Strawberry Milkshake Strawberry Ice-cream Milk  
  Lemonade Lemon Ice Water  
  Peach Iced Tea Peach Tea Leaves Water  
  Bubble Tea Tea Leaves Milk Sugar  
  Fruit Smoothie Ice Strawberry Banana  
  Ginger Beer Float Ginger Sugar Icecream  
  Vanilla Hot Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate Cream  

Just for your information:-

I am using my own restaurant city tips and tricks, and reach the level 27 today (4/July/2009) without the next level experience points notification, see below screen capture. I play the restaurant city game since 30/May/2009, and I am not play it 24 hours a day, and I am not play it everyday, and I am just play it during my free time at night for few hours or during the weekend. The fastest way to get the restaurant city experience points is your dish level, it really save a lot of your time. Time management is very important!

Restaurant City Level 27 is not finish yet, as I put in my point 23, I will continue to get more coins in order to buy all the ingredients to level up all my dishes to level 10 and at the same time I will deco my restaurant first before I join into Gourmet Street as one of the 'Star'. I believe this may take some time on it. :)

Updated Info on 27/Aug/2009:-

We all very happy that Restaurant City improve on the features (grow your own herbs and spices in the new garden), added some dishes and plus new functionalities to allow the users to continue play the game to the level 32 after level 27 and we can plant the seeds in the new plot (beside restaurant) after unlocked from the Restaurant City game. You can click on the empty plot, then it will prompt you to plant a seed with 2000 coins, and after you plant the seed then you click (2 ~ 3 times) on the plot with seed again to water your plot with seed. So you can water your plant every 9 hours, and for the 48 hours mean the plant / seeds with water for 48 hours to grow completely.

image image image image

image image image imageimage  image








imageimage image

The plant that you harvest from your garden in Restaurant City as below using 2000 coins after 48 hours with water:-

  • Bayleaf
  • Garlic
  • Coffee Beans
  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Vanilla
  • Saffron
  • Tea Leaves
  • Wasabi
  • Ginger
  • Sugar


restaurant city garden  

Important Note:-
1. If you feel 'slow' to play the Facebook Restaurant City game, beside to have a better computer hardware and you need a stable high speed Internet access to play the
Facebook Restaurant City game. Hope this can help you if you are using the DSL Internet Broadband in Microsoft Windows platform - 'Boost to High Speed Internet DSL Broadband'!!!

2. Next is choose a best and fastest Internet web browser to play the free Internet online computer game. You will see the different! I am using the Google Chrome 2 now to play the online computer game, then use Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and IE8 for other purpose.

* Apple iPhone 3G S still not able to support Restaurant City flash game yet!

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Facebook Restaurant City! Your Own Virtual Restaurant!