Thursday, August 13, 2009

Facebook Sorority Life Tips and Tricks

Sorority Life

Facebook Sorority Life game already hit more than 5,000,000 monthly active users, mean getting more people addicted on this Sorority Life game. Sorority Life also available in MySpace. This is a great Facebook game for lady to play when you are stressful, then you can do fighting and slapping and release yourself. Facebook Sorority Life tips and tricks here is to help you get more energy, strange, confidence for your game character (so called doll) in Sorority Life game.

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Some Facebook Sorority Life tips and tricks:-

1. In Sorority Life game, people can steal your money when they attack you, so as soon as you have $1000 or more, then quick keep it in the bank.

2. You can get more money and influence points once you attack other a lot. You not need to worry that other people will attack you back, as this is a game only.

3. You need to get a better paid job in Sorority Life game so that you can earn more money and to buy the better glam to make you stronger.

4. No one can attack you when your confidence level go down to low enough (attack other people till it go down), then you can rest for while to regain back the confidence. During this time you can earn more cash from your job or other activities in Sorority Life game.

5. Most of the new Sorority Life player don’t know where to get the brownie points, but actually you can get the brownie points from house mom. You need to pay by ‘Real Money’ or join some offers in order to get the brownie points in order to buy the good glam items and get extra house members.

6. You can create 10 charactors in your Sorority Life games using the same account, so you can use the different options for your doll (DIVA, SOCIALITE, HEIRESS) to give you different chances in the games like making money easier, or fighting off attacks. But you only can switch the Sorority Life charactor after 60 mins.

7. You can join the Sorority Life community in order to get more sisters for your house. You can search from Internet, and there are lot. But anyone may able to see your profile in Facebook or MySpace later.

8. You can send and receive the gift in Sorority Life game, but is limited per day. So you need to receive the gift that you like most, follow by other gift.

9. You can buy more accessories, outfits or cars in the Sorority Life game to make you feel happy so that keep yourself continue to play this game.

10. You remember to click on the ‘energy’ on your Sorority Life charactor on left top, and use your skill point to improve your charactors.

11. You need to level up and increase your house size by inviting your Facebook or MySpace friends to join and play the Sorority Life game.

12. Once you fight with a rival and able to win and gain $70,000, then you can right click on the ‘Attack’ button in the ‘Rival Attack’ tab and copy down the URL link address or shortcut (depend on which Internet browser you are using, I got Firefox, Google Chrome and IE), the paste to your Internet browser address bar to go to this rival home page. OR you can click on her name in ‘Rival Attack' page to go to her house, then copy down the URL from your Internet browser address bar, and URL address like this ‘’. You can see a ‘Attack’ link, then just click on it many times until you (went to the spa) or her (hiding out in the spa). Even you won 1 or 2 times with $70,000 already enough for you to enroll the VIP treatment in spa to gain your confidence back to fight again until you don’t have enough stamina to fight or reach the spa limit. This is very easy to gain more than $1,000,000 for this Sorority Life game each round with your 12 stamina points. * Usually I will keep those $70,000 link as reference and use it when I play Sorority Life again.

Sorority Life Attack


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