Monday, July 6, 2009

10 Minutes Start Your Blog using Google Blogger

Today, you really can start your blog just less than 10 minutes using Google Blogger service and it is 100% free with zero cost. Why I choose the Google Blogger to host my blog? Because once you write your blog using Blogger, then Google search engine will crawl your website automatically, and you can use the Google Adsense in your Blogger blog to earn some money without any setup cost.

8 Steps to setup your Google Blogger Blog:-

1. Browse the Google Blogger website.

2. Login your Google account (same as your Gmail login account).

3. Blogger will prompt you a screen for you to put your ‘Display Name’ and you can put your name ‘i.e. Jasswin’, and then you need to accept the ‘term and condition’.

Setup Blogger Screen 1

4. Next, Blogger will prompt you a screen ‘Name your blog’, where you need to put in your Blog title and your unique Blog address (URL) (i.e. jasswin) and check is it available. If available mean that this is your own Blog URL in future (i.e., then you can click ‘Continue’.

Setup Blogger Screen 2

5. Now you need to check your preferred Blog template. The Blogger Blog template has ‘Minima’, ‘Minima Black’, ‘Dots’, ‘Son of Moto’, ‘No. 897’, ‘Scribe’, ‘TicTac’, ‘Thisaway Rose’, ‘Snapshot’, ‘Rounders 3’, ‘Dots Dark’, ‘Sand Dollar’. You can preview the template first and choose the one you like it the most.

6.Since this is your first Blogger blog, and you don’t have other blog before then you not need to use the Advance Setup Options ‘Set Up a Custom Domain’ or ‘Import Blog Tool’. Unless you have your own blog or domain name, then you can make use of it. Please ignore if this is your first blog, then just click ‘Start Blogging’.

Setup Blogger Screen 3

7. Blogger will start allow you to write the blog now. Title mean your posts tile, then bottom text box is your post content, then ‘labels for this post:’ is for you post category.

Setup Blogger Screen 4

8. In the Blogger ‘Posting’, you can click the ‘Save Now’ button to save your blog as draft first, then next time you can continue it using ‘Edit Post’. ‘Publish Post’ button mean you have complete your blog and can publish to Internet now and share with people.

Congratulation! You have your personal Blog website now under Google Blogger services, and just less than 10 minutes setup. You always can come to Blogger and login your Google account then write your own articles then publish to Internet and share with Internet users. Next you can configure the Google Adsense account and put the ads in your blog and earn some money with high eCPM or pay per click service using the Adsense Keyword Tool suggestion.

Other Blogging information that you needed:-

1. If you want your Blog website get more popularity and able to be get search by other famous Internet Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN), then you can refer to this ‘Submit Blogger Full XML Sitemap to Internet Search Engine’ with detail step by step guideline to submit your Blogger website sitemap to Internet Search Engine.

2. You can use the Microsoft Windows Live Writer 2009 to write your blog in your own computer notebook without Internet access first. Then once you complete your blog then you can publish it into Blogger to Internet. This is a great free blog writer tool that non of Internet Browser able to provide every blogging functions on it (i.e. Internet browser not able to create table in Blog for Blogger). You can refer to this URL ‘Free Blog Writer – Windows Live Writer 2009 for Blogger’.

3. Choose the best and fastest Internet Browser for your own used. This is not only to save your time, and you can view your Blog using different Internet Browser to make sure all of them able to access your website without error. Based on my research, most of the people using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari. I have put some detail on it, and you can refer to this URL ‘Internet Browser Comparison Results’, and review it before download the fastest Internet Browsers using your high speed Internet service.

4. Download the Web CEO tool to submit your URL to multiple search engines, and it able to optimize your website.

Start Blogging! Start Sharing! Start Earning!