Saturday, July 25, 2009

Internet Browser and Operating System Statistic

Browser and OS statistic for Jasswin Blog Internet Browser and Operating System Statistic

I am always try to test and compare the Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera) in order to update my ‘Internet Browser Comparison Results’ page to share with my friends. Although the recent Internet browser testing result, the Firefox still is my default browser as Firefox not only can support normal usage and most important it able to use in the office for the Microsoft dot Net application and Java based application. I always submit the Internet browser defects back to them and hope they can improve / fix it in the next version or new release with the patching.

Jasswin Blog Visitors from Countries

Today, I checked from the Google Analytics (refer this link) for my blog then found that over 104 countries/territories visitors (Most of them from United States, Malaysia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc) been accessed to my blog, and although the number of visitors still consider very little, but looks like most of them are using the Mozilla Firefox with Microsoft Windows, then next is Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browser with Microsoft Windows. Google Analytics has a lot of great features, and you should use it to analyze your website and act accordingly. May be after sometime, the visitors volume over 100K records, then the result will be more accurate, especially the existing visitors not much from China and India country!

    • Firefox / Windows – 41%
    • Internet Explorer / Windows – 38%
    • Chrome / Windows – 8% (Still big gap to reach number two)
    • Safari / Macintosh – 5%
    • Firefox / Macintosh – 3%
    • Safari / Windows – 1%
    • Opera / Windows – 1%

Microsoft Windows 7 code already finalized and will be release by October 2009, then from this record show that the market of Microsoft is so huge, and that's why Microsoft need to release the new version Windows 7 asap to replace the Windows Vista (feedback not good) in order to capture back their market. Because Google Chrome OS will be release by next year 2010 and target to go for Netbooks computer range of market which is next huge potential users in next 3 years.

Now I understand why Google develop the Google Chrome browser first then follow by Google Chrome OS, as this is the key base to interact with users directly for day to day used. A non-IT people always said Microsoft or Internet Explorer to be used for their computer, as they have been teach by other Microsoft users for many years and is quite hard for them to change it. Unless is free, then people will try to use it then the next is the user friendly and good performance with great features to capture their heart in order to spread it fast through mouth.

I really like the Google Chrome browser, but the main problem now is the application platform support for the office used applications (.Net or Java base developed). I will always update my Internet browser comparison results then share with my friends.

Number One is Mozilla Firefox with Microsoft Windows! Winner Lead the Market Trend!