Saturday, August 15, 2009

Facebook Country Story Tips and Tricks



Facebook Country Story game is new release and developed by Playfish again. Playfish has few great online flash games like Pet Society and Restaurant City. I will build up the Facebook Country Story game tips and tricks here if found any, and share with you my experience. But the main thing when I play this Country Story game, then I found the Country Story game is based on 3 major famous games concept to build it.

What is the 3 major games concept to build the Country Story?

If you play the Facebook Farmtown, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Burn Buddy before, then you will understand why I say combine 3 major games into one, and they add in some other designs (i.e. Quests), but the game skeleton still the same.

    1. You can plow, plant and harvest with different type of seeds or crops, and you can water the plants. (Farmtown)
    2. You can buy the flowers, trees, fences, building, materials or farms used boxes, barrel, hay bale, wood pile and others more to decorate your farm outside your house. (Farmtown)
    3. You can change your style to make you look pretty and there are number of hair and clothes with different color for you to choose. (Pet Society)
    4. You can change your house design for the roof, wall and the view behind your house, to make a lovely house for yourself. (Restaurant City)
    5. You need to drink and eat food to keep your energy (Stamina, Green Point), so that you can continue to do more jobs (i.e. Hoeing, Watering, Sowing, Harvesting crops). (Restaurant City)
    6. You can ask your friend take care your plants through ‘Get Help’ when you visit your friend. (Farmtown)
    7. You can go out from your house and visit different places (i.e. Market, Construction, Mayor, Livestock, Bank) to buy things or buy Playfish cash from Bank or social with friends. (Pet Society)
    8. You can buy many animals from Livestock and keep in your home, to play / feed them at the same time they will produce products (called produce) for you to earn money and take cake your home if you have a dog. (Farmtown + Pet Society + Barn Buddy + Own design to generate money)


Today (15/Aug/2009), the Country Story game consider new, and still in development /testing phases to get for more features for game players. Example mouse over then pop up items name, zoom in/out features, drag/drop with item pictures move together with cursor are still not available yet.

I foresee this Country Story game will be in top 10 Facebook game list in soon, if based on the monthly active users benchmark.


Some Facebook Country Story game tips and tricks:-

1. You can use the fertilizer in Country Story game to speed up your plants growth so that you can harvest it, and even some of plants growth complete immediately. But you need to use the Playfish cash, that you need to use your ‘real’ money to buy the Playfish cash through PayPal or PayByCash. Another methods to get the fertilizer is you visit your friend house or complete the quest with rewards.


image image


2. You need to walk around in your farm to look for ‘Wood’ or ‘Stone’ that you can grab it keep in your Storage first and later you can sell it to get some Country Story money (not the Playfish cash) or keep it as you need it when you buy animals. You even can get the ‘Wood’ or ‘Stone’ from your friend’s home, as they don’t have the dog yet.



3. You go out from your house and visit different places (i.e. Market, Construction, Mayor, Livestock, Bank) to get the quests, so that once you complete your quest and you will get the rewards from those places and increase your experience and get more money. Or you can click on the ‘Browse Quests’ to get the quests and rewards, and you will see it ‘Browse Quests’ bottom with yellow turning star once you complete the quest. Note: click ‘Accept’ first, then only perform your job activities for the quest.

4. You quick go visit your new friends who join the Country Story game, and you can get the rewards with 3 great items (i.e. fertilizer)

5. You remember to take your egg if not the max eggs for each chicken is 3 eggs only. If you didn’t take it, then every 6 hours it will not give you additional egg. You have to feed your chicken, so that it will grow up after 3 days and generate egg for you then you can sell it later.

6. You always can keep your plants and don’t sell it first, as possible the next few jobs need you to plant certain vegetable or seeds, and by that time you already have it. Unless you really need the Country Story coins to buy other seeds or things, then you only see it. Try not to sell your wood and stone, as you need it to buy other things later.

7. You will notice that Country Story only give you 5 free items per day, so if you already take 5 items (total mix in wood + stone), then you need to wait for another Country Story day.


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