Friday, July 31, 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3.7 or 4.0 Copy Google Chrome Browser

I am still doing the testing to compare the Internet browsers to update my post ‘Internet Browser Comparison Results – UAT by Jasswin’, and just now once I visit to the Mozilla Wiki Firefox 3.7 Windows Theme Mockups and Mozilla Wiki Firefox 4.0 Windows Theme Mockups sites, then the message popup immediately in my mind is ‘Mozilla Firefox 3.7 / 4.0 copy Google Chrome browser’ User Interface looks and feel.

Firefox 3.7 Screen Firefox 3.7 Windows Theme Mockup


Firefox 4.0 Screen Firefox 4.0 Windows Theme Mockup

May be I should not use the ‘Copy’ word to describe the next Firefox 3.7 or Firefox 4.0 user interface design, as I understand why, because the Firefox try to make it simplify and make the screen look neat. Actually, I like Google Chrome browser too, but just the existing Google Chrome browser 2.0 has a lot of issue (especially compatible issue) with Microsoft .Net and Java base developed office used application. So far I have no problem to use the Firefox 3.5.1 and Internet Explorer 8 in the office, but not Google Chrome 2.0.

There is no any copyright issue on the user interface design for the Internet browser, and the main purpose for the Internet browser is meet the Internet users need and design to suit for the next computer laptop trend called ‘Netbooks Computer’ with smaller size or SMARTS phone. You can refer to my post ‘Choose the right Netbook or Mini Computer Laptops’ to know more on Netbooks computer, then you will understand the design of Internet browser have to make it less buttons and get ready to match the Microsoft Windows 7 color and theme. As I am sure that once Google Chrome OS release by next year 2010 with their own Google Chrome browser, then not much people will install the Firefox in Google Chrome OS system.

So, why Mozilla care about other people said the Firefox 3.7 or Firefox 4.0 looks like Google Chrome or copy from Google Chrome? Since no copyright issue, and people like it, then just make it then. We are always support you to make it happen asap, if not Google Chrome browser 3.0 will be our next default Internet browser!


Next Firefox Version! Be More Creative!

The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin’ Music Video and Lyrics

My Favorite Songs : The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin’

(Music Video & Lyrics)


California Dreamin’ Original Video

California Dreamin’ Video


baby dancing

Artist: The Mamas & The Papas
Album : If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears
Song: California Dreamin’

Dream A Little Dream – nearly true story of The Mamas and The Papas


The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin’ Lyrics:


All the leaves are brown
All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
And the sky is grey
Ive been for a walk
Ive been for a walk
On a winters day
On a winters day
Id be safe and warm
Id be safe and warm
If I was in l.a.
If I was in l.a.
California dreamin
California dreamin
On such a winters day

Stopped into a church
I passed along the way
Well, I got down on my knees
Got down on my knees
And I pretend to pray
I pretend to pray
You know the preacher likes the cold
Preacher likes the cold
He knows Im gonna stay
Knows Im gonna stay
California dreamin
California dreamin
On such a winters day

All the leaves are brown
All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
And the sky is grey
Ive been for a walk
Ive been for a walk
On a winters day
On a winters day
If I didnt tell her
If I didnt tell her
I could leave today
I could leave today
California dreamin
California dreamin
On such a winters day
California dreaming
On such a winters day
California dreaming
On such a winters day


The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin’! My Favorite Songs!

Please Support Artist and Buy The Original CD!

Stolen Edison Chen’s Personal Photos Only 8 1/2 Months Jailed

Edison Chen: The scandal

Edison Chen: The photos

Edison Chen: The women involved


I am so surprise that the computer technician in Hong Kong just in jailed for 8 1/2 months because stolen Edison Chen’s personal photos from his laptop and leaked out to Internet for everyone to see it.

I believe a lot of people didn’t trust what Edison Chen mentioned in the most of the interview, but this is his life and he has the right to protect himself, and if not how to survive in next few ten years.

"Everything was mutual. It was all consensual…"

"I believed I was a victim. I believed that I was hurt by this a lot…"

Actually, I have read through many news related to Edison Chen and the actresses involved for more than 1,300 Edison Chen’s personal photos been published in the Internet before, and now you still can find it from some of the websites or pirate VCD / DVD in the market.

I don’t know this Hong Kong computer technician really think it seriously before copy other people personal private data. Even the photo didn’t leak out and keep for his own use, but this is not right too and what if accidently take by someone. See right now, is not only put yourself into jail and it destroy Edison Chen and few other actresses personal life. You only in jailed for 8 1/2 months, but how about them… WHOLE LIFE! MAN!

How they talk to his / her child when they grow up and know about this?  How his / her child’s friend will think of them? If this is happen to you, then how you going to manage it?

Ai.. is not everyone can understand, unless it happen to you..


Personal Data! Encrypt It! Destroyed the Hardware if Not Needed!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today’s HOT NEWS - A(H1N1): Malaysia records 4th death and 4 schools closed in Penang for a week and other follow up

Below information from The Star Online News and you can read more from this link.

A 20-year-old woman suffering from Influenza A(H1N1) died on Tuesday, the fourth person to die in Malaysia due to the virus, while more schools and campuses were closed when students exhibited flu-like symptoms.

In TANJUNG MALIM in Perak, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris has been closed for seven days starting Wednesday after an unconfirmed number of students showed flu-like symptoms.

State Health Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said the concerned students had been sent to the Tanjung Malim Hospital for a check-up.

Those who have exhibited symptoms have been quarantined on campus, while thousands of other students have been sent home.

In GEORGE TOWN, PENANG, three schools and a university campus were also affected.

Penang Health, Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee chairman Phee Boon Poh confirmed that the MRSM Kepala Batas and two classes at SK Kepala Batas were closed, starting Tuesday, for a week.

“The other two are the Universiti Sains Malaysia engineering campus near Nibong Tebal and Jit Sin A Primary School in Bukit Mertajam which are closed starting today (July 29) for a week,” he said Wednesday.



My opinion:-

Please stay at home rather than go out to shopping center or market, especially your children. If your children or family member is from the above schools or university, then your whole family please don’t go out for a week and try to monitor all the family member’s health. Unless you need to get something where you can’t call and get your relative or friends help to send to you, then please wear mask as minimum when you out.




Today’s HOT NEWS – 09/Aug/2009 from NST:-

Influenza A H1N1 Malaysia:
Another 8 die, total deaths 26 (updated)

Another eight influenza A (H1N1) deaths were reported today, bringing the total number of fatalities in Malaysia to 26.


Today’s HOT NEWS – 11/Aug/2009 from The Star:-

A(H1N1): Private bodies to get rapid test kits (Update)

PUTRAJAYA: As the death toll from Influenza A (H1N1) rose to 38, the Government green-lighted the use of rapid test kits for private clinics and hospitals to conduct flu checks on the public.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said private healthcare providers can use these kits to help cope with the large number of patients wanting to be checked, and for faster detection and containment of the pandemic.

“Use of rapid test kits was discouraged in the private sector earlier when the H1N1 outbreak was still small and mostly imported.



If anyone not feeling well, then please visit clinic or hospital immediately, if not will be too late. WE ALL TRY TO MINIMIZE THE H1N1 SPREAD TO MORE PEOPLE!


You can refer to this ‘H1N1 (Influenza A) vs Common Flu’ and ‘Influenza A (H1N1) High Risk Group And H1N1 Symptoms And List of Hospitals’ to know more on the H1N1 symptom and act it before too late.



H1N1 Virus! Be Caution!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prevent Your Child from Developing Allergies

There are two types of food allergies, Immediate Type food allergy and Delayed food allergy.

Immediate Type food allergy (IgE – Immunoglobulin E) – The reaction is often severe, quick to happen after eating small quantities of the food and life-threatening. This is not common.

Delayed food allergy (Feed Intolerance) – The reaction builds up over 1 ~ 3 weeks, and this is quite common but header to detect and diagnose.

5 simple steps plan to monitor your child have allergies or not (from Doctor Lee):-

  1. Listen to your child
    • If your child have a food allergy then he or she will always feel like ‘tired’, ‘not feel good’, ‘hurt’, ‘always sick’, ‘stomach ache’, ‘can’t sleep’, ‘bloated’.
  2. Get your child tested
    • If already brought your child to the doctor and no obvious cause can be found, consider the possibility of food allergies among other caused.
  3. Observe your child
    • Monitor his or her reaction to foods you introduce to or omit from his or her diet, and if any reaction, then avoid the food for several weeks.
  4. Rotate or avoid offending foods in his diet
    • This strategy will help your child feel better and healthier.
  5. Avoid overprotection
    • Exposure to dirt and disease allows the body to learn to distinguish between invasions by parasites and bacteria and to produce antibodies when needed.

What we can do..

  • Introduce any new food gradually and do it one at a time. Before you introduce mixed foods that could cause an allergic reaction, introduce each new food on its own and don’t mix foods.
  • Give your child cooked or homogenized food. Food in general are less likely to cause an allergic reaction after they are cooked.

What we better don’t..

  • Take peanuts during pregnancy and while nursing, especially if there is a family history of allergies.
  • Introduce cow’s milk before the child’s first birthday, or eggs before the second birthday. Don’t give nuts and seafood before the third birthday.

You can refer to this article - Why Do We Get Allergies?

Child Allergic! Parent Panic!

Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream Reviews

Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body CreamA Slender Body In 28 Days

I am using the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream for few months, and if I continue use it for two weeks plus, then yes I can see some results. Before I share my experience on the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss body cream, and lets understand more on the InchLoss body cream first.

InchLoss body cream has the Bio-heat ingredients that will burn your fats through out the whole night or day before your bath. Although in the advertisement for InchLoss body cream mentioned that the result is vary for the users, but I definitely tell you that you will feel it if you continue use it for a week plus with non-stop day and night.

Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss body cream prove that you can slims your body 1/2 inch within 7 days with below benefits:-

  • Tummy, thighs & arms look firmer
  • Achieve a slimmer silhouette
  • Stretch marks gradually disappeared
  • Moisturizes & smoothens skin

Main InchLoss Body Cream ingredients (link):-

  • Bio Energy Fluid & Bio Mineral Essence
    • Rich in mineral elements, amino acids, enzymes & various vitamins to nourish and promote the renewal of skin cells for a firm and more refined body contour.
  • Ginger & Ginseng
    • Removes free radicals for revitalizing skin cells, slowing down the signs of aging while speeding up the firming process to achieve a smooth & slender body in no time.
  • Capsicum, Bitter Orange & Pineapple Essence
    • Stimulating ingredients to speed up the process of metabolism to burn excess fats & reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Direction of Use:-

  • Apply InchLoss Body Cream over desired areas such as tummy, thighs & arms. Massage in circular movements for a few minutes.
  • Due to its effective formula, prevent application to our breasts and avoid contact with your eyes, armpits and genital area.


One of the feedback from user in the ads is “After 14 days, I am surprised that my pants feel loose as I have lost about 1 inch off my waist & hips. Thanks to Celebrity’s Choice inchloss series!”.

My personal feedback to use the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream:-

  • I really think many times before I buy this InchLoss body cream product as compare to other products, because the price for InchLoss body cream is not the cheapest one. Why I buy the InchLoss body cream? As this word “7 DAYS, Slims Body 1/2 inch!” and the product packaging looks confident, so I bought the InchLoss body cream 100g to try first.
  • First time applied to my body, I feel a bit cold on my skin in the air con room (every time same feeling), but after 10 minutes then I quickly took bath to wash it out as I really felt like burning on my skin and a bit pain. Why? Because I didn’t follow the direction to use the InchLoss body cream, and I applied twice on my whole body (only face didn’t apply). Oh man… Next time better read the product’s directions first before use it.
  • I believe is not everyone like the feeling like ‘warm tingling sensation’, something like the hot & spicy chili apply on your skin and it last for few hours. You feel it more for the first tow hours, and DON’T touch your eyes or lips, and wash your hand using soap before you play with your kids. BUT smell good!
  • I really see the result around a week plus, as my skin looks soft and I can feel not so tight when I wear my Levi’s jeans during the weekend. Although I didn’t check how many inch I lose it for my tummy!
  • Try don’t use it when you out for dinner, as I have few time experience to make me not really enjoy my meal if I applied the InchLoss body cream before.

So, if you never try it before and still consider on various type of products, then may be you can try 100g InchLoss body cream first. You never know if you never try it before!

Apply InchLoss Body Cream! Smoothens Your Skin!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogging Can Make Money

All this while I know that writing the blog can earn money, and although I am not sure how much other people can earn, but I already earn some money since I start blogging from April 2009. I am late to join this program, and miss out a lot of opportunity. I want to share the blogging can make money tips here, so that you all can earn some money during your free time or part-time to write the blog. I can’t make sure how much you can earn per month or per year, and this is depend on your effort, but at least is a good start for you to make money at home.

If you are not sure how to start the blogging, then you can refer to my ‘10 Minutes Start Your Blog using Google Blogger’, as it proven that few of my friends just start their own blog without problem.

  1. Advertisement (ads)
    • Once you have your own blog, then you can place the ads on your blog website, then once the people click on an ads or buy the product through ads then you make some extra money. If you are using Google Blogger for your blogging, then you can use the Google Adsense directly integrated with Blogger, or you can check the other ads programs like Amazon, Text Link Ads, AdBrite, WidgetBucks, LinkWorth and other more available in the Internet. You can earn money as part of eCPM for your blog as well if a lot of visitors access to your blog. Important: You need to have a PayPal account to receive the payment from some ads programs, as they pay to you through PayPal online business payment system.
  2. Sell Your Pictures
    • You can upload your photo or pictures into the blog and share with the readers, and sometime they really like your pictures, then you can sell to them and make some extra money, and you can refer to Big Stock Photo.
  3. Write some Reviews
    • If you blogs has certain popularity and has more than 3 or 6 months with 20 posts and above, then you can join the or program. You can earn the some income to review the products or services with 400 words (depend on the program requirement) post in your blog.

You can get your partner or relatives or close friends to join you and write on the same blog site and make your blog rich with contents, so that it able to attract more visitors to your blog and increase the popularity and chances for people to click on your ads and make some extra income. Remember to submit your blog URL to the Internet Search Engine, and I have a post on this ‘Submit Full Blogger Atom Sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing Webmaster’ to help you submit your blog url (full post list) to 3 major search engine with zero cost.


Blogging More! Content More! Money More!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Internet Browser and Operating System Statistic

Browser and OS statistic for Jasswin Blog Internet Browser and Operating System Statistic

I am always try to test and compare the Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera) in order to update my ‘Internet Browser Comparison Results’ page to share with my friends. Although the recent Internet browser testing result, the Firefox still is my default browser as Firefox not only can support normal usage and most important it able to use in the office for the Microsoft dot Net application and Java based application. I always submit the Internet browser defects back to them and hope they can improve / fix it in the next version or new release with the patching.

Jasswin Blog Visitors from Countries

Today, I checked from the Google Analytics (refer this link) for my blog then found that over 104 countries/territories visitors (Most of them from United States, Malaysia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc) been accessed to my blog, and although the number of visitors still consider very little, but looks like most of them are using the Mozilla Firefox with Microsoft Windows, then next is Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browser with Microsoft Windows. Google Analytics has a lot of great features, and you should use it to analyze your website and act accordingly. May be after sometime, the visitors volume over 100K records, then the result will be more accurate, especially the existing visitors not much from China and India country!

    • Firefox / Windows – 41%
    • Internet Explorer / Windows – 38%
    • Chrome / Windows – 8% (Still big gap to reach number two)
    • Safari / Macintosh – 5%
    • Firefox / Macintosh – 3%
    • Safari / Windows – 1%
    • Opera / Windows – 1%

Microsoft Windows 7 code already finalized and will be release by October 2009, then from this record show that the market of Microsoft is so huge, and that's why Microsoft need to release the new version Windows 7 asap to replace the Windows Vista (feedback not good) in order to capture back their market. Because Google Chrome OS will be release by next year 2010 and target to go for Netbooks computer range of market which is next huge potential users in next 3 years.

Now I understand why Google develop the Google Chrome browser first then follow by Google Chrome OS, as this is the key base to interact with users directly for day to day used. A non-IT people always said Microsoft or Internet Explorer to be used for their computer, as they have been teach by other Microsoft users for many years and is quite hard for them to change it. Unless is free, then people will try to use it then the next is the user friendly and good performance with great features to capture their heart in order to spread it fast through mouth.

I really like the Google Chrome browser, but the main problem now is the application platform support for the office used applications (.Net or Java base developed). I will always update my Internet browser comparison results then share with my friends.

Number One is Mozilla Firefox with Microsoft Windows! Winner Lead the Market Trend!

Market Price List for Consumer Products


I prepare this market price list for consumer products is because we are always go to supermarket or hypermarket or sundry shop to look for our daily used consumer products, and compare the product price before buy it. A lot of people try to remember the price so that they are only able to know the product price is it cheaper than previous one. I check and keep a consumer products price list for our reference purpose here, so that we can check the price first before go for the shopping.

I did talked to my family on this and they said this is really good for them and will share with their friends, and even good for those tourist or people to know it first before come to visit our place. They are able to base on this consumer products price list to budget it and plan for their living cost here. They can buy a bulk of products during the special promotions and use it for at least half a year to save the money.


Price Date Consumable Product * Average Market Normal Price * Average Discount Price (NOT the Cheapest one)
25/7/09 ANLENE Nano-Kalsium Milk Power 1.2kg+150gm 34.30 30.00
25/7/09 NESCAPE 3 in 1 Regular 20gm x 40’s 14.30 12.00
25/7/09 NESCAPE 3 in 1 Regular 20gm x 30’s 10.60 8.50
25/7/09 NESCAPE Classic Refill Pack 100gm 7.90 7.00
25/7/09 NATURE’S OWN Brown Rice 450gm 8.90 7.50
25/7/09 KICKAPOO Canned Drinks 325ml x 6’s 6.60 5.50
25/7/09 PREMIER Facial Tissue 200’s x 4 9.90 7.50
25/7/09 MUNCHY’S Funmix Assorted Biscuit 750gm 9.00 7.00
25/7/09 BEE 2 in 1 Kopi ‘O’ 26gm x 20’s 6.50 5.00
30/7/09 Gu Jian Pork Luncheon Meat 340gm 2.80 2.40
25/7/09 DETTOL Shower Foam 625ml + 50% 15.90 12.00
07/8/09 DETTOL Natural Shower Gel 625ml + 325ml 19.00 16.00
07/8/09 JOHNSON’S Baby Bath Regular / Peach 2 x 750ml 23.00 19.00
07/8/09 HEAD & SHOULDERS Shampoo 400ml 19.00 17.00
25/7/09 ZIP Dishwash 900ml 3.90 3.00
25/7/09 ANAKKU Family Essential Liquid Bath 1000ml 13.90 8.00
25/7/09 BKC Almond Powder (Box) 500gm 7.90 7.00
25/7/09 BIN BIN Rice Crackers 150gm 4.60 4.20
30/7/09 A1 Classic Egg 10pcs 3.80 3.20
30/7/09 Jia-Jia Wang Egg Tofu 3 x 140gm 1.80 1.50
07/8/09 FIRST CHOICE Omega 3 Eggs (M) 10’s 4.20 3.80
25/7/09 RODA Sardines in Tomato Sauce 425gm 2.60 2.40
25/7/09 MARIGOLD 100% Juice Assorted Flavours 1 litre 4.30 4.00
30/7/09 MARIGOLD Peel Fresh 1 litre 4.20 3.90
25/7/09 7UP / PEPSI / MIRINDA Soft Drink 1.5 litre 2.70 2.20
25/7/09 SUNSWEET Pitted Prune 340gm 8.90 7.00
30/7/09 SANTA CLAUS Ice-Cream 1.25 litre 3.90 3.30
30/7/09 KING’S Regular Ice-Cream 1.2 litre 6.20 5.00
25/7/09 HENG LEE Light Soya Sauce 700gm 3.30 2.00
25/7/09 DEVONDALE Sliced Cheese 24’s / 500gm 12.90 11.50
30/7/09 SCS Cheese Slices 200gm 7.80 6.70
25/7/09 CUTIE COMPACT Toilet Rolls 10’s 9.90 8.00
25/7/09 TOP Detergent Powder 3kg 16.00 12.00
30/7/09 Dynamo Liquid Detergent 4.7kg 28.00 20.50
25/7/09 SUNSILK Shampoo 700ml 26.50 17.00
25/7/09 SUNSILK Shampoo 375ml 22.00 14.00
25/7/09 SUNSILK Leave-On 50ml 3.20 2.80
25/7/09 PUREEN Dry 5 Premium Baby Diapers (S48’s/M44’s/L38’s/XL34’s/XXL28’s) 31.90 26.00
25/7/09 TENA Value Adult Diapers M10’s 13.50 12.00
25/7/09 TENA Value Adult Diapers L10’s 16.90 15.50
25/7/09 MARIGOLD HL MILK Assorted Flavours 1 litre 5.50 5.00
25/7/09 PERTIWI Chicken Frankfurter 340gm 2.40 2.00
30/7/09 Jimat Fiesta Chicken Frank 300gm 2.50 2.00
30/7/09 Munchy’s Topmix 750gm 8.80 7.90
30/7/09 Camel Brand Kicap Soya Cair 900gm 6.50 5.10
25/7/09 CADBURY Bourneville Chocolate Bar 70g 4.50 3.50
25/7/09 MAGGI 2 Minutes Noodles 5’s 3.90 3.40
25/7/09 FLORAL Super Special Tempatan Rice  10kg 27.90 25.00
25/7/09 CUTIE Budget Toilet Roll 20’s 9.90 9.00
25/7/09 PING PONG Cream Crackers (Convenience Pack) Assorted Flavours 250gm and below 4.20 3.50
07/8/09 AIR WICK Assorted Variants 210g 18.00 16.00
07/8/09 AMBI PUR Car Air Freshener Starter Pack 13.00 11.50
25/7/09 HUGGIES Dry Comfort (Jumbo Pack) (M42’s/L38’s/XL34’s) 32.00 27.00
25/7/09 HUGGIES Dry Super Jumbo Baby Diapers (M80’s/L68’s/L56’s/XXL44’s) 36.00 29.70
07/8/09 HUGGIES Dry Pants (M42's/L36’s/XL30’s/XXL24’s) 33.00 27.00
25/7/09 MARINA Tempura Chicken Nuggets 1kg 13.60 11.00
30/7/09 Farm’s Best Tempura Chicken Nuggets 1kg 12.80 10.90
30/7/09 Dinding Fried Chicken 1kg 10.50 8.00
30/7/09 Simplot French Fries 1kg 6.50 5.90
30/7/09 Nona Tepung Kentucky 850gm 4.50 3.90
30/7/09 NESTLE Bliss Yogurt Assorted Flavours 135gm 1.60 1.30
25/7/09 NESTLE Breakfast Cereal 300gm/330gm 7.70 7.00
25/7/09 SUNQUICK Cordials Assorted Flavours 840ml 9.90 8.50
25/7/09 COCA-COLA / VANILLA COKE / SPRITE 1.5 litre 2.90 2.40
25/7/09 HWA TAI Siang Siang Cream Crackers 400g 3.30 2.70
25/7/09 DUTCH LADY 123/456 (Vanilla/Honey/Chocolate) Milk Powder Assorted Flavours 1kg 25.00 17.80
25/7/09 DUTCH LADY Low Fat Yogurt Assorted 140gm 1.60 1.20
30/7/09 DUTCH LADY Low Fat Yogurt Assorted 750gm 3.60 3.20
25/7/09 DUTCH LADY UHT Milk 6 x 250ml 6.00 5.50
25/7/09 DUTCH LADY UHT Milk (Low Fat/Full Cream) 1 litre 3.70 3.40
25/7/09 MAMY POKO Pants Baby Diapers (M34’s/L28’s/XL24’s) 37.00 33.00
25/7/09 MAMY POKO Pants Value Jumbo Pack Baby Diapers (M44’s/L38’s/XL32’s/XXL24’s) 35.00 27.00
30/7/09 MAMY POKO Pants Value(M44’s/L38’s/XL34’s/XXL28’s) 33.00 25.00
25/7/09 MAMY POKO Pooh Super Jumbo Baby Diapers (S72’s/M66’s/L56’s/XL50’s/XXL40’s) 48.50 42.00
30/7/09 Drypers Baby Diapers (M84’s/L72’s/XL60’s) 38.00 32.90
25/7/09 SCOTT Kitchen Towels 8 Rolls 12.40 10.00
25/7/09 SCOTT Kitchen Towel 6 x 60’s 9.50 8.00
30/7/09 Premier Kitchen Towel 6 roll 8.90 8.00
07/8/09 KLEENEX 3 x 40’s / 2 x 50’s 4.00 3.50
07/8/09 KLEENEX Assorted Variants 4 x 170’s 13.00 11.00
07/8/09 VANISH WHITE Stain Remover 1 litre 12.00 10.00
25/7/09 SUNLIGHT Dishwashing Liquid Assorted Variants 1 litre 5.00 4.00
25/7/09 JASMINE Super Tempatan Rice 26.00 25.00
25/7/09 Prai Coarse Grain Sugar 1.50 1.40
30/7/09 Yakin Sos Tiram 510gm 3.40 2.90
30/7/09 Yeo’s Kari Ayam 405gm 5.70 4.90
25/7/09 KELLOG’S Cornflakers 275gm + 50gm 7.10 4.80
25/7/09 SOFTLAN Fabric Softener 3 litres 9.20 7.00
25/7/09 SOFTLAN Fabric Softener 2 litres 6.80 4.70
25/7/09 PETPET Jumbo (M70’s/L56’s/XL46’s) 35.00 26.00
25/7/09 AYAMAS Chicken Frankfurter 340gm 3.00 2.30
25/7/09 WALL’S Mini Cornetto Multipack 12 x 30ml 7.50 6.40
25/7/09 GUINNESS Stout 24 x 320ml 150.00 132.00
30/7/09 CHC AAA Lychee 565gm 2.20 1.70
25/7/09 EVERYDAY Instant Filled Milk Refill 2.3kg 45.90 40.00
25/7/09 WYETH Promise Gold Lutein 700gm 32.00 28.00
25/7/09 WYETH Progress Gold Lutein 700gm 35.00 29.00
30/7/09 SUPER Coffeemix 3 in 1 Regular 600gm 7.30 6.20
25/7/09 F&N Cordial Orange/Sarsi/Rootbeer/Grape/Rose 2 litre 6.20 5.60
07/8/09 GILLETTE Mach3 Razor Turbo/Winner 17.00 16.00
25/7/09 COLGATE Triple Action Toothpaste 200gm 4.90 3.80
07/8/09 COLGATE PLAX Mouthrinse Sensitive 500ml 19.00 17.00
07/8/09 ORAL-B Tooth @ Gum Care Toothpaste 100ml 11.00 10.00
07/8/09 ORAL-B Cross Action Massage Toothbrush 30S/40M 31.00 26.00
25/7/09 KOTEX Soft & Smooth Maxi 2 x 30’s / 60’s 14.00 10.90
25/7/09 CAREFREE Super Dry Regular Twin Pack 2 x 40’s 13.80 10.80
30/7/09 Laurier Soft Care Night Safe Wing 2 x 20’s 14.50 11.90
30/7/09 Intimate Nitelong Maxi Wing 2 x 20’s 14.60 11.90
07/8/09 WHISPER Heavy Flow & Overnight Wings 2 x 16’s 22.00 19.00
25/7/09 BREEZE Regular / Colour 2.5kg 16.00 12.00
25/7/09 BREEZE Liquid Detergent 4.8kg 28.00 20.00
25/7/09 REJOICE Shampoo Assorted Variants 750ml 19.00 15.00
25/7/09 DOVE Shower Cream Assorted Variants 1 litre 18.50 16.00
07/8/09 DOVE Shampoo 700ml 26.00 23.00
25/7/09 GLO Dishwash Liquid Assorted Flavours 900ml 3.70 3.20
25/7/09 VESAWIT Cooking Oil 5kg 11.30 10.90
25/7/09 KRAFT Singles Cheese 24’s / 500gm 16.00 15.00
30/7/09 KRAFT Chips More 180gm 3.30 2.60
25/7/09 LEE KUM KEE LKK Brand Panda Oyster Sauce 770gm 6.90 5.90
30/7/09 Champion Prunes 340gm 6.90 6.00
25/7/09 FAIZA EMAS Super Special Tempatan 10kg 28.00 24.00
25/7/09 MISTER Potato Crisps 160gm 3.40 3.00
25/7/09 KINDER Bueno T6 Fascetta 10.00 8.00
25/7/09 ORITA Dehumidifier 450ml x 3 10.00 9.50
25/7/09 KINOHIMITSU J’Pan Beauty Drink 50ml x 6 99.00 89.00
25/7/09 KINOHIMITSU Health Pad 2’s 25.00 22.00
25/7/09 KINOHIMITSU Health Pad 10’s +10’s 108.00 99.00
25/7/09 NH Detoxlim Clenx Tea Sachet 50s + 10s 66.00 57.00
25/7/09 BRANDS Essence Of Chicken 6 x 70ml 36.00 31.00
25/7/09 EMPRESS Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar 6 x 70ml 55.80 52.00
25/7/09 GALENIC Elancyl Flat Stomach Concentrate 75ml 64.00 59.00
25/7/09 OLAY Regenerist Range 70.00 60.00
25/7/09 OLAY Total Effects Touch of Foundation Cream SPF15 50gm 49.00 35.00
24/10/09 Olympus MJU1070 12.0 Megapixel, 3 x Optical Zoom, 2.7” LCD, Face Detection (with 4GB Memory Card) 1230.00 799.00
24/10/09 Canon A480 10.0 Megapixel, 4 x Optical Zoom, 2.5” LCD, Face Detection 690.00 449.00
24/10/09 Brother MFC-250C AIO Printer (Print,Copy,Scan,Fax) 1200x6000dpi, 27/22ppm 450.00 369.00
24/10/09 Canon Pixma MP258 AIO Printer (Print,Copy,Scan) 4800x1200dpi, 7/4.8 Image Per Minute 260.00 199.00
24/10/09 Canon Pixma IP1980 Printer (Print) 4800x1200dpi, 20/16 ppm 159.00 138.00
24/10/09 Panasonic KX-FT982ML Fax Machine 399.00 349.00
24/10/09 JVC 32” LCD TV LT-32EX19 2300.00 1900.00
24/10/09 JVC DVD Micro NX-D3 1350.00 1100.00
24/10/09 SONY 32” LCD TV KLV-32S550A 2490.00 2100.00
24/10/09 SONY 40” LCD TV KLV-40V550A 4890.00 4500.00

* Above consumer products price list is based on Penang, Malaysia Market. The product price will be always change based on the economic factors, locations, consumer needs, special events and marketing promotions.

I will try to update the list as much as I can, so that we all can use it together and plan for the living cost to save the extra money for emergency used or other purpose, especially your kids education or your family needs.


Consumer Product Price! Your Daily Expenses! Save As Much As You Can!

10 Seconds Mood Change using Fragrances

You may not know that the fragrances can change our mood in 10 seconds, and there are some tips to share with you to use various scents for your good advantage and make you feel better anytime anywhere.




If you have night sleep problem, then the smell of lavender can help you on this problem to relax your mind. Even the smell of lavender can help you for your cranky baby to settle down after take a warm bath with the lavender soap. Lavender even can make your partner feel comfort during your personal time.




This definitely will help you especially every Monday (1st day back to office to work) for a week, as Mint can boost our performance on any work related tasks. Like the peppermint (kind of Arousing fragrances) will increase alertness and increase productivity.




If you want to stimulate yourself to start of the day, then you can use the citrus as it can refresh your mind and the citrus scents like oranges and lemon.



Floral scents

This is really good for us when try to share the idea with someone (example our boss), and try to make him or her to concentrate on the discussion. Floral scents always is our best choice during this time.




We all know that the Vanilla used to reduce the startle reflex and to relieve stress and anxiety. Spray on some vanilla fragrance before exam, training, project deployment, presentation or meeting.



Coffee Seeds

Every time you smell and drink the coffee, then you may feel at home. Most of the people drink coffee to make him or her feel better for another an hour to do extra work, but actually the smell of coffee can always remind you of home when your travel to other places.




Liquorices (Licorice) have been proved to stimulate lactation in nursing mothers and to also lessen pain.People use it as a calming agent, an aphrodisiac, as well as to promote a restful sleep.


So at least now you know how to choose the right scents as your fragrances during the right time. Sometime you really need the fragrances to change your mood and make you feel better to get your life better. Most of the people are using the perfume or Spa for relaxation or make them refresh and be more confident and attractive!


Mood Change! Look Change! Life Change!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Windows 7 has Apple iPhone 3G S Touch-Screen Features

Windows 7 Video from CNET


Next Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System) - Windows 7 has Apple iPhone 3G S Touch-Screen features, and you can view the above Windows 7 video from CNET. If you like the Apple iPhone 3G S touch screen features, then I believe you will like the Microsoft Windows 7 as well. If your Netbooks computer has the touch screen with Windows 7, then it will be very convenient for the portable users and especially to browse the Internet web pages, read / write email, view / edit pictures or videos, and play the computer games or online games.

Microsoft has announced that they have finalized the Windows 7 code, and pending the Windows 7 testers to submit the test results and feedback back to Microsoft Windows team for the next improvement. Microsoft target to release the Windows 7 on 22nd October 2009, and since the Windows Vista has been in the market for more than 2 1/2 years with bad feedback from the Windows users.

From those users who have been tested the Windows 7, they really appreciate the new Windows 7. They love it is not only the new features, and the most important is the Windows 7 performance is better than Windows Vista using the same computer specification. It prove that Microsoft Windows team really put in a lot of effort to fine-tune the whole backend operating system code and make it fast, stable, user friendly and get ready for the huge portable users in the next coming 5 years market. Most of the computer users change their computer every 2 ~ 3 years! Me too!

If you are using the Windows Live Writer 2009 to write the blog, then you will know that Windows Live has bundle a lot of modules which are free to use and all of this will be come together with Windows 7. Once you use the Windows 7 then you will really enjoy the multimedia features and especially you not need to look for the freeware or shareware and minimize the attack (virus, trojan horse, etc) to your computer system from those non-secure softwares.

If you have additional PC (personal computer) with at least below computer spec, then you still can download the Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) from Microsoft website before 20th August 2009 to try it first. File name (7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_en-us_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_en_dvd.iso) and around 2.5 GB. But you need to take note that the Windows 7 RC will expire on 1st June 2010, and starting from 1st March 2010 it will auto shut down your computer every two hours until you install a non-expired version of Windows 7. Since you will use it later, then you can install now and later get the non-expired version without backup/restore your data and softwares!

  • CPU 1.0 GHz and above
  • 1 GB RAM and above
  • 20 GB Hard disk and above
  • Video card support DirectX 9 and above

You can always get the up-to-date Windows 7 information from the Microsoft Windows 7 website.

Hope the next operating system is the touchable hologram operating system using the mobile phone or watch beside Netbooks! Since we already had the Hologram TV and used by CNN now.


Microsoft Windows 7! Your Next 2010 PS OS!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Easy Ways to Drive the BIG Cars

Volvo XC60Volvo XC60 


There are an easy ways to drive the BIG cars (some time called family car), if you are too worry to get a NEW BIG car. Before you drive a big car, you need to know few points first.

  • The big cars are longer in size so they require more space to make a turning (example like bus or lorry). You need to make sure you have enough space when turning.
  • The big cars are built with a higher center of gravity than the normal cars. So, it is not good for you to rocket through comers as this will cause your big car to lose the balance and may flip.
  • The big cars are heavier than normal car and so it have a longer stopping distance. So if you tailgate and the car in front of you brakes all of a sudden, you won’t be able to stop in time. PLEASE always remember to keep a safe distance when you drive a big car.

Drive a big car, then most important is the car parking. Yes, a lot of people can drive a big car with no problem, but they always spend a lot of time to park a big car. Lets show you a easy way on the car parking for your big car.

Parallel park with your big car:-

  • You need to pull up to the front until the back of your car is around aligned with the rear tyre of the car you want to park behind of.
  • You need to reverse slowly until you see the back of the car that you want to park behind of from your last window.
  • Now you can start doing a full swing with the steering then back up until the car is in a 45 degree angle and stop.
  • You can turn your steering anti-clockwise and go a little to the front to fit your big car properly in the parking lot.

90 degree reverse park with your big car:-

  • You pull up two parking lots to the front from the empty parking lot that you want to park your big car.
  • You drive slowly and reverse the car, and once you see from your last window of the car you need to park next to.
  • Now you can go for a full swing to back up into the empty parking lot.
  • While backing, you need to check both side mirrors to make sure your car is not too close to the cars next to you.
  • Once your car is halfway into the parking lot, then it should be parallel with the lines. Now you turn your steering anti-clockwise to straighten the front tyres and back up a little bit more for the car to be entirely in the parking lot.

You will see that is not too difficult to drive a big car and once you have a family then you might need to look for a family car (big car).


Big Car! Family Car!

Total Solar Eclipse on 22 July 2009


Eclipse of the Sun 2009

Picture from NASA 


From NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Administration) website show that on 22 July 2009, a total Solar eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half of Earth. The path of the Moon's umbral shadow begins in India and crosses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. After leaving mainland Asia, the path crosses Japan's Ryukyu Islands and curves southeast through the Pacific Ocean where the maximum duration of totality reaches 6 min 39 seconds. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, which includes most of eastern Asia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean. You can refer to more information regarding the total Solar eclipse of the Sun from NASA website.


Below photos share from China friends. Some of the countries are not able to take those pretty total Solar eclipse today 22 July 2009, and lets share with you here.


solar eclipse 2009-1 solar eclipse 2009-2 solar eclipse 2009-3 solar eclipse 2009-4 solar eclipse 2009-5 solar eclipse 2009-6 solar eclipse 2009-7 solar eclipse 2009-8 solar eclipse 2009-9 solar eclipse 2009-10 solar eclipse 2009-11 solar eclipse 2009-12



Total Solar Eclipse! 22 July 2009!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheers for Caffeine


Cold Coffee

Actually, a little caffeine is good for us. We can feel free to take our favorite blend as we need to separate the fact from fiction.


  • People say long term caffeine consumption is bad. Answer is FALSE.
    • Actually according to the research psychologists from United State Army Research Institute of Environment Medicine, as long as we don’t have high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia or suffer from anxiety disorders, then consuming caffeinated beverages over the years should not pose health problem.
  • People say caffeine makes us sharper. Answer is TRUE.
    • Actually in our brain, caffeine interrupts adenosine (the chemical that signals sleep) and stimulates pleasure centers. So, it has the ability to make us feel both alert and relaxed all at once, says Ernesto Illy, founder of high-end coffee brand, Illy Cafe.
  • People say caffeine ups your game. Answer is TRUE.
    • caffeine stimulates us to exercise 10 to 15 percent longer because it keeps us from getting tired quickly, explains nutritionists at Ontario’s University of Guelph.
  • People say if we have coffee after dinner, then we would be sleepless. Answer is FALSE.
    • Actually a small cup of coffee after dinner is fine for most people, but if you have trouble falling into slumber even hours later, then you should take tea rather than coffee. A cup of tea only contain around 35mg of caffeine. high caffeine content drinks like energy boosters, on the other hand, can keep us up for hours, so drink at least three hours before our bedtime.


You not need to worry too much about your health if you didn’t take too much high caffeine content drink. Everyday 1 or 2 cups of coffee sugar free will not impact us much and even may help on our health in another way. Lets enjoy coffee now!


Coffee! Caffeine! Control!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Need Motivation to Exercise?

Need motivation to exercise? Here are six ways exercise can improve your life — starting today!

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? Look no further than old-fashioned exercise.

The merits of exercise — from preventing chronic health conditions to boosting confidence and self-esteem — are hard to ignore. And the benefits are yours for the taking, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Need more convincing?

Check out six specific ways exercise can improve your life.


1. Exercise improves your mood.

Need to blow off some steam after a stressful day? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk can help you calm down. Exercise stimulates various brain chemicals, which may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed than you were before you worked out. You'll also look better and feel better when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Exercise even reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.


2. Exercise combats chronic diseases.

Worried about heart disease? Hoping to prevent osteoporosis? Regular exercise might be the ticket. Regular exercise can help you prevent — or manage — high blood pressure. Your cholesterol will benefit, too. Regular exercise boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or "good," cholesterol while decreasing low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad," cholesterol. This one-two punch keeps your blood flowing smoothly by lowering the buildup of plaques in your arteries.


3. Exercise helps you manage your weight.

Want to drop those excess pounds? Trade some couch time for walking or other physical activities. When you exercise, you burn calories. The more intensely you exercise, the more calories you burn — and the easier it is to keep your weight under control. You don't even need to set aside major chunks of time for working out. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk during your lunch break. Do jumping jacks during commercials. Better yet, turn off the TV and take a brisk walk. Dedicated workouts are great, but activity you accumulate throughout the day helps you burn calories, too.


4. Exercise strengthens your heart and lungs.

Winded by grocery shopping or household chores? Don't throw in the towel. Regular exercise can leave you breathing easier. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. In fact, regular exercise helps your entire cardiovascular system — the circulation of blood through your heart and blood vessels — work more efficiently. Big deal? You bet! When your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you'll have more energy to do the things you enjoy.


5. Exercise promotes better sleep.

Struggling to fall asleep? Or stay asleep? It might help to boost your physical activity during the day. A good night's sleep can improve your concentration, productivity and mood. And, you guessed it, exercise is sometimes the key to better sleep. Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. The timing is up to you — but if you're having trouble sleeping, you might want to try late afternoon workouts. The natural dip in body temperature five to six hours after you exercise might help you fall asleep.


6. Exercise can be — gasp — fun!

Wondering what to do on a Saturday afternoon? Looking for an activity that suits the entire family? Get physical! Exercise doesn't have to be drudgery. Take a ballroom dancing class. Check out a local climbing wall or hiking trail. Push your kids on the swings or climb with them on the jungle gym. Plan a neighborhood kickball or touch football game. Find an activity you enjoy, and go for it. If you get bored, try something new. If you are moving, it counts!


Are you convinced? Good. Start reaping the benefits of physical activity today!


* Great information from Malaysia Dell Environmental Health and Safety! It is really helpful tips and keep people motivated to exercise, that why I have to share with you.



Motivated To Exercise! Improve Your Life!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Search From Google Tips and Tricks


Google Search Engine

May be you are think that Google search engine is just simply to do searching for most of the Internet websites based on specific words or keywords, then you are wrong. You will be surprise that what this World TOP Google search engine is capable for. Below are some tips and tricks to improve your search from Google search engine.

  • You browse to the Google search engine page (, then you can see the ‘Preferences’ beside the Google search text box. Click on the Google ‘Preferences’, then you can scroll down and look for the ‘Number of Results’ in the menu, and change the Google’s default (10 results) display to 20, 30, 50 or 100 results, as you don’t need to keep clicking the ‘Next’ button after your search result, and you just need to scroll down. As most the Internet user are using the high speed Internet broadband now, then you not need to worry about the display will be slow for the search results. Unless you are still using the normal phone line dial-up for the Internet access, then you can keep the Google default setting.
  • To use the built-in Google Calculator features, and you can type in math questions or conversions in the Google search box and get the instance results. Example, you type the ‘50 degrees celsius in fahrenheit’ then you will get the answer ‘50 degrees Celsius = 122 degrees Fahrenheit’ immediately.

Google Calculator

  • You have to learn this Google search fundamental technique, and it is very useful for us. ‘AND’ (all caps) between the search words to return that only contain both words; ‘OR’ (all caps) between search words to get the search results contain one word or another one; If you put the search word in quotes (example, type “Choose the right Netbook”) then will only get the search results that include that exact word.

Choose the right Netbook

  • If you want to search for the definition of a word, then you just need to type “define: <your search word here>” (example, ‘define: netbook’) and you will get the right results rather than go to another websites like or to search it.

define netbook


There are a lot of easy ways for you to access the billions of Internet websites, and thanks to Google to provide us so many user friendly features to help us find the useful results that we are needed. You can refer to this Google Search Features to ‘Improve Our Search Experience’.


Google More! Know More!