Monday, August 31, 2009

Basic Knowledge on Forex Exchange Trading

As we know that the ‘Forex’ mean the Foreign Exchange market, and other people may call it ‘FX’ or ‘Spot FX’ or ‘Spot’ in the trading financial market, and over $3 trillion transaction per day. So compare to New York Stock Exchange transaction around $30 billion per day, then you can see the huge Foreign Exchange potential value.


What we use to trade in Forex?

Simple answer, is ‘Money’. There is no physical goods for you to buy and sell through a broker or dealer, but we are using our money to buy currency, and the price for the currency is directly reflected by the economic prediction and current situation for those country currency.

The exchange rate of the currency can consider as country economy compared to another countries economy.

We used to trade the Forex Over-The-Counter (OTC) or so called ‘Interbank’ network without a physical location, as all the transactions are been transferred electronically through ‘Interbank’ network daily over 24 hours continuously.

You need to know the Spot Market mean any trading market deal at the current price of the financial instrument. And the Forex OTC market mean the participants will determine who they want to trade with and depend on the trading conditions, prices and reputation of the trading counterpart with biggest and most popular financial market in the world.

There are few reasons that people like Forex trading:-

  • No brokerage fees or no clearing fees or no exchange fees or no government fees. As they are using bid-ask spread to compensated for their services. The bid/ask spread usually is less than 0.1 percent, and even with the larger dealers, the spread may as low as 0.07 percent depend on your leverage.
  • You not need to deal with any middlemen and you just need to trade directly in the online Forex brokers based on the market price.
  • There is no fixed lot size for the spot Forex, as you can determine by your down lot size.
  • You not need to wait till the market to open then only can trade, as this is almost 24 hours trading around the clock.
  • You not need to worry that someone can control the market as the Forex  market is so huge and many participants transact over the world at the same time and not limit on your country only.
  • Leverage. You can keep your risk as minimum to make a nice profits as you can control with a small margin deposit to get a larger total contract value. Example, the brokers offer 200 to 1 leverage, mean with a $50 dollar margin deposit to allow you buy or sell $10,000 worth of currencies, and $500 can let you trade $100,000 dollars and so on. Mean more margin deposit, then you can trade and gain more, but without proper planning, it will make you lose a lot too in this case.
  • The Forex daily transaction so huge over the world, and it almost allow you to buy and sell just with a click of mouse to done the deal through online transaction, and won’t let you ‘stuck’ in a trade. If you are busy, then you even can set the desired profit level (with limited order), or close the trade at certain amount in the online Forex broker system to auto transact for you.
  • A lot of online Forex broker systems provide the free ‘demo’ account for you to practice the Forex trading before you jump into it directly using your real money. You can use their services (news, charts, reports, forum) till you really familiar and has confident, then you can open a live trading account to start your Forex trading. Practice make perfect!
  • Startup cost for the Forex trading is lesser than the trading stocks, options or futures. Online Forex brokers offer ‘micro’ and ‘mini’ trading accounts for us to start-up as minimum as $300 or less.


What type of currencies that we can trade?

Most of the people trade below currencies (with currency symbols).

Country Currency Nickname Symbol Market Turnover Rate
United States Dollar Buck USD > 86%
Euro Members Euro Fiber EUR > 37%
Japan Yen Yen JPY > 16%
Great Britain Pound Cable GBP > 15%
Switzerland Franc Swissy CHF > 6%
Australia Dollar Aussie AUD > 6%
Canada Dollar Loonie CAD > 4%
New Zealand Dollar Kiwi NZD > 2%


You can trade in online Forex brokers system anytime anywhere as the Forex market is almost open 24 hours by 7 days and follow the sun around the world. Only a few hours gap during the weekend, but still allow to trade it at your morning, noon or night time zone. You just need to remember below Forex market time zone sequence in GMT and plus your own local time zone to get your local time.

Forex Time Zone GMT
Tokyo Open 0:00
Tokyo Close 9:00
London Open 8:00
London Close 17:00
New York Open 13:00
New York Close 22:00

What is minimum requirement to start the Forex trading?

We all just need to have a computer and a stable high speed Internet line to get connected to online Forex Broker system. With the latest technology, you can have a computer Netbooks and a mobile phone to get online and transact it anytime anywhere.


How much I need to get it started on Forex trading?

Although some of the online Forex brokers trading can allow you to open an account with minimum deposit of $300 or less, but propose you to have at least $1000 to start as a ‘micro account’, or if you have more money then can start with $10,000 to get a ‘mini account’. Most of the online Forex brokers offer different level of services, and for example, micro account ($1000 or less) allow you trade $200,000 dollars and below currencies transactions to gain more profit.


Forex Trading! Money Exchange!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Am I So Tired?

Most of the people will ask ‘Why am I so tired?” and won’t know the real reason behind it. I have the same problem and feel tired some time. Is it due to stress? or too much things to think? or too much socializing? or too many bad happening to me? or family problem? or ways to handle kids? or office politics? or relationship problem? or financial problem? or too may works or assignments? or too many travels or business trips? or addicted on games?  … there are many reasons cause us feel tired and not only our body, even our heart and mind. Any solutions to help us and not feel tired? I am not sure.. I look for Internet, books and articles, there are some symptoms with solutions and not sure is it really help. Just write on my blog here and share with you.


  1. Skip your breakfast
    • If you always rush to somewhere every morning and you have this habit, then it will catch up on you later in the day causing an enormous energy down. As you didn’t take your breakfast, your metabolic rate radically lowers mean the supply of nutrients to every cell in your body slow down, and this is why people often feel less hungry for lunch.
    • Solution:- Keep some healthy fast food on hand, like fruit, yoghurt or biscuits that you can eat while traveling to somewhere.
  2. Smoke
    • When you smoke, fatty deposits build up in the arteries and eventually the vessels narrow and thicken, so blood supply to the heart can be reduced. Our heart needs to work harder to get efficient oxygen to other parts of body, that will cause us tired significantly.
    • Solution:- Quit smoking, and you join the quit-smoking programs.
  3. Post virus or flu
    • When we are post to get the flu or cold, then our body’s immune system has been working overtime, then we start get tired and whole body not feeling well.
    • Solution:- Beside take the flu and cold tablets, we need to rest as much as we can, and try to stay at home for few days to get recover faster. Skip your favorite TV programs or leave your works for few days.
  4. Anaemia
    • Sometime no matter how much sleep you get, you still feed tired all day every day. Then you possible are suffering from anaemia which is caused by a deficiency in iron.
    • Solution:- You can increase your level of iron and vitamin B12 in your diet. Try to get more grains, nuts, cereals, soy products and fish. Don’t take the iron supplements unless your doctor ask, if not it will cause your health problem.
  5. Depression
    • When you feel like sadness and pessimism, lack of appetite, loss of sleep, poor concentration, constipation and even stomach upsets, then is it possible you are depression now.
    • Solution:- Try to learn some relaxation techniques, and using deep breathing when you are uptight can help to reduce feeling of depression and anxiety. You also can look for some counseling programs to help and guide you on how to relax and improve your current situation.
  6. Medications
    • If you take a lot of medication tablets for blood pressure, insomnia, nausea, antidepressants, cold and flu, headache, then you will feel drained and tired after sometime.
    • Solution:- Try to drink more water, rest more or check with your doctor for alternative medication that has fewer side effects.
  7. Exercise
    • Over exercise on any sports is not good for our health, and may be it only take effect after sometime. If you start getting tired on your body regularly after exercise, then you better to ask yourself is it over exercise.
    • Solution:- You can exercise regularly but keep it less than 1 hour in one go, and around 20 ~ 40 minutes for day will be good enough for you, and you will sleep better and more deeper to reduce tiredness throughout the day.
  8. Underactive Thyroid
    • If you experience dry skin, dry hair, constipation, sensitivity to cold, or problem with weight gain, then is possible you have underactive thyroid that cause hypothyroidism where you feel tired and sluggish.
    • Solution:- Once you have this type of symptoms then quick check with doctor and do the blood test for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). If yes, then you can ask doctor for T4 (thyroxine) or T3 (tri-iodothyronine) that will help on the regulation of your metabolism.
  9. Poor Sleep
    • If you are always late sleep, then you will have problem that easily make you tired next day and continue for few days or long term, then you will getting worse for your health.
    • Solution:- Try not to practice on reading, watching TV, or doing work on your bed. Only go to bed when you feed genuinely tired, and remove any distractions, or listen to some soothing music if you can’t fall asleep.
  10. Kids
    • Sometime you don’t know how to handle your kids and really make you wanna to give up.
    • Solution :- Try to treat your kids is not your own kids, and more like friends. As most of the people treat other friend’s or relative’s kids better than their own son or daughter.
  11. Work related
    • You may be too many works or assignments, or politics in office, or your subordinate problem that cause you feel tired. When it getting worse, and you will like give up your existing job and looks for other opportunities.
    • Solution:- With new opportunity to change your work environment may help you, or try to practice let go everything and don’t think about work after office hours. Your job never end, and you still can continue it next day.
  12. Relationship
    • This is very wide area that relationship not only can pull you down for any your interest and make you very tired, and even in some true worse cases may cause one person to commit suicide.
    • Solution:- This is not a quick or perfect solution to help everyone, the most important thing is try to remind yourself that you are very lucky. The soldier even know there is a bomb in front of them, but still need to move and possible get hit on it, as no choice for them to choose again sometime. They are not afraid of die, and why don’t you love yourself to make a change to live better.


I know is not easy to follow those solutions, but at least we know now and always can remind ourselves there are solutions to help and improve us to get better life and good health. Don’t give up, and even you can find better solutions from your family members, friends, doctors, and many sources are available for you to grab and use it in right way to get right results and won’t get tired anymore. :) Be happy, don’t worry!


So Tired! Make a Change!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 Steps Start An Online Shop With Online Payment Service

If you are plan to start an Online Shop with Online Payment availability, then you need to have a domain name (.com or .com.<depend on domain country code>, i.e. for long run, and the web pages that you need to display what products you are selling online, and a payment methods for your customer to order and pay you. Below 3 basic steps for you to start an online shop to do your Internet Online Business:-


1. Setting up a Domain Name and Website through hosting company

You may need to have a unique or own domain name to run your online shop for your Internet Online Business. The domain name can be vary and usually people will use the .com international domain name, or you can use for your own country domain name like The domain name is not expensive today, and I propose you sign up with with hosting company to get the hosting package with cheaper cost to including the domain name for a year or more. Some hosting company even provide you email, ftp, templates for ease for you to run your online shop. Choose the domain name related to your products or services, and try to get it ‘short and sweet’ for people to remember your online shop URL.


2. Create the webpage with full of contents for your products or services

You may not know the web design to create your own web pages for your online shop, so actually you can hire a designer to develop the web pages for you including the pages and pictures, and it can cost you from few dollars to few hundred dollars per page. Some of them will create the template for you, and you just need to type your products description and upload your product photo, then it will display it on your online website to sell it. There are few ways you can get cheaper web pages design cost, like you can ask from University students to create for you, or look for the hosting company provide in-house designer services, or attend some training on online business design development courses to get your online shop up and running.


3. Join and utilize the secure online payment system

You may need to have a secure online payment system to get your customer to pay you through online payment rather than manual payment ways (bank in to your saving account or send cheque to you) as post not secure or trust for your online customers. They may not know you at all, and you may lose your business opportunity. There are many companies to provide the secure Internet online payment services, like PayPal, 2Checkout, Netbuilder, etc. Some of hosting companies even provide you the online payment systems integration to other online payment company like PayPal (more than 150 millions accounts in 190 countries and regions for online business of all sizes), or you can get advise from your hosting company to know which online payment they are support and available in your country. This is ease for your online customers to pay you through credit card using Visa, Master Card, American Express network when they buy the products from your online store from everywhere.


Other free great website services or online tips:-

You may not need to create a own personal domain name to sell the products for small online business, and it will add up your cost. You can use the free web services like Google Blogger or Yahoo Geocities or Twitter or WordPress or TypePad to create the blogs with free blog templates provided by Google or Yahoo or other free blogging companies. Even you can get the free blog templates from Internet, that you just need to search for the free blogging templates.

10 Minutes Start Your Blog using Google Blogger

If you want to pickup more knowledge on website design then you can refer to About Web Design on this link ( for a good start. If you want to improve your Internet online business to make your business better, then you can get a lot of free tips from Web guru through this link ( or work with some Internet Marketing companies to drive and push your websites for all the search engine or online directories.

Submit Full Blogger Atom Sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing Webmaster

Last, there are a lot of online portal or online marketplace to provide online auction or shopping website for you to join and sell the products without create your own online shop, but you need to pay for the interest or monthly or yearly fees like eBay, Taobao, Amazon, Lelong etc. As they provide a lot of free great online product tools and even cover for the order tracking systems traceability, secure payment approval and transfer, and some can provide you for the logistics delivery to collect the products from you and ship to your customers.


Online Shop! Online Payment! Internet Online Business!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fix and Undo Facebook ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ Settings

I am not sure you face this problem after you accidently click on the ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button in Facebook request page, then you will never receive the request or gift or invite from your friend any more for the applications or games. I am sure you try to find a way to fix it in Facebook or rollout / undo after you click on ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button.

I am believe you start worry as you won’t receive the invite from your Facebook friends any more if you are playing the same games or use the applications. Actually, this is due to the Facebook enhance the features to allow users ignore the invite from specific friends send you too many application request and you need to always clear and ignore it by one by one. So, now you can use the Facebook Ignore Application Inviters features to ignore all the application invites from specific friends if you really want to ignore it permanently.

Below steps are help you to recover back / undo / fix (depend how you call it) after you click on the Facebook ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’, and now you want it back:-

1. Login to Facebook and  move your cursor on the ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Privacy Setting’

2. Click on the ‘Applications’

3. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab beside ‘Overview’

4. You scroll down until end of the page, then you can see the ‘Ignore Application Inviters’ and your friend’s name below it.

5. Click on ‘Remove’ for your specific Facebook friend’s name

6. Click on ‘Save Changes’ button


After you done the above steps, then you still can’t find your friends invites or request or gift that they send to you before in Facebook request page. Yes, all gone. You need to ask your friend to resend to you again if needed. No choice, as when we click on the ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button in Facebook, and it didn’t prompt a meaningful message and alert on this, even didn’t provide a link for us to remove or undo your action if you accidently click on ‘Ignore All Invites From This Friend’ button.


Facebook Request Disappear! Fix and Undo the Ignore Action!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 Quick Ways to Save BIG Money

There are 7 quick ways to save a lot of money that you know but you may not act on it. You can try to below 7 quick ways and see how much you can save the money for a year.

Lets read below 7 quick ways to help you save BIG money:-

1. If you are clubber averaging two nights a week, then try to cut down to once a week. A night out may cost you up to $100 a night including taxi fare. So you can save $400 a month, then in a year, you will be able to get this saving to buy a return flight ticket to Thailand through Air Asia for a great trip during holiday.

2. If you are always buy gourmet coffee before or after work, then try to get the free coffee in office or get from machine with $0.60. A small cup of cappuccino a day will take you around $10. You can save around $200 a month, and end of year you can buy some new clothes or shoes before new year or Chinese new year.

3. Try to save your mileage and entertainment claims. Instead of cashing your cheque, then you can bank into your savings account. If you can bank in $150 a month, then you will have $1,800 by end of the year.

4. Try to quit smoking. A pack a day will cost you $9 and it will be $270 a month. By end of year, you can save up to $3,240 that you can buy a great computer laptop or computer netbooks for your own used.

5. If you can bring lunch to work or eat at canteen three times a week, and if usually you spend $6 per lunch, then you will save $18 a week. It mean that you will have extra $864 a year for you to pay for your car maintenance or insurances.

6. If you already paid off your car loan, then try to keep bank in the money into your saving account. let say your car loan is $500 a month, then you will have $6,000 in a year in your saving account.

7. You can try to pay yourself 10 percent of your income first when you get your salary. You can use the e-banking service to automate your money into another saving account, so that you won’t touch it, unless you need it for emergency used.


You see the above 7 quick ways to save BIG money is not that difficult, and just depend you want to do it or not. May be some of the people has too many commitments, then you should think is it one or two of 7 quick ways can help you. I believe a lot of people, their saving account is not for saving today, just for ‘parking’ purpose and use all by end of month.

I didn’t mention credit card here as it is not easy for everyone to cut up their credit card, and today the credit card is really convenient for us. Before you sign the credit card, and please think how much you still need to pay to your credit card companies (Visa, Master Card, Amex, etc) first and the interest for credit card is not LOW. :)



Save Money! Save for Emergency Used!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Facebook Mob Wars Tips and Tricks

Mob Wars Game
Facebook Mob Wars game is the top 5 games in Facebook now with more than 16,500,000 monthly active users, and more than Facebook Pet Society game monthly active users. Even you can play the Mob Wars game in MySpace as well. There are many Mob Wars tips, hints, cheats, tricks, ROI calculators to guide you play and increase your Mob Wars level, money, secrets and get the limited weapons or items.

Mob Wars game is not only for guys to play, even girls like to also join on this game as compare to Sorority Life game, the Mob Wars game has some other features that Sorority Life game doesn’t have. Example like city allow you to have many properties and buildings to run many business at the same time to get more money, but in Sorority Life game only allow you have 1 job.

The Mob Wars game tips and tricks here to share with you on how to make you feel fun and enjoy this game, especially you are new and won’t spend your money in wrong investment, or used out your skill points in wrong places and then slowly down your level, experience and profit.
Click and play Mob Wars game in Facebook (link) and MySpace (link).

Lets understand the Mob Wars info first:-
Mob Wars boss style or mobsters:

  • Bulletproof – For fighting purpose, your health and stamina recover faster that other boss style or mobsters.
  • Tycoon – For business purpose, for you to collect payment more frequent than other boss style or mobsters.
  • Insomniac – For jobs purpose, your energy recover faster than other boss style or mobsters.
Mob Wars attribute:-
  • Attack Strength – To increase more chances for you win when you fight with other mobs.
  • Defense Strength – To reduce the hits against from other mobs
  • Max Energy – To increase more opportunity for you to do jobs
  • Max Health – To allow you fight with other mobs without always back to hospital
  • Max Stamina – To increase the number of times for you to fight with other mobs, but you need to use 2 skill points for 1 level up.

Some Facebook Mob Wars game Tips and Tricks:-

1. If you are new to this Mob Wars game, then propose you don’t spend too much skill points to upgrade your stamina, as you need more energy to do the jobs in order to get more experiences and money to buy the new and expensive weapons, armor, vehicles in order to do next level jobs.

2. You can just add skill points to your energy, then you can increase your level from 1 to level 11 within 15 minutes through do the new jobs and get some special items.

3. You need to buy the empty lot and restaurant or hotel or casino in pair, but don’t buy 1 by 1, keep your money and buy in bulk at one time (example buy 10 empty lots + 10 restaurants). You will see the different and spend less earn more money by doing this. You only get half of the price if you sell your property in Mob Wars game.

4. When you get certain level, example more than level 50, then you start feel lake of mob friends, and you need bigger mobs in order to increase your experience and money. You will get more difficulty to jump to next Mob Wars levels, so what you need to do is join other Mob Wars groups in Facebook or MySpace. But, you need to set your Facebook or MySpace personal setting first, if you don’t want other unknown people to see your info. Or, you can create another Facebook or MySpace account and just used to play the Facebook or MySpace online games without publish your personal info or your’s in-network friends messages / activities.

5. Only keep the best weapons, armor, vehicles in total number of items to match the number of your mobs, so that it will be more effective when you fight with other mobs. But it is depend on your jobs as well, and choose the right jobs that give you more money, experience and special items and match back your weapons, vehicles or armors as well.

6. If you are able to find someone has the casino, then equip your mobs with best items then go and fight it. You may able to gain $70,000 if you won, and keep track his or her name and link for next time to use and fight again. You can right click his/her name then copy down the link (example:, then after you login to Mob Wars page, then you just paste the link, then you can see 'attack' word, then click on it. Especially those ‘online now’ player, then you can attack them continuously if they heal their boss in hospital time to time.

7. You can gain a lot of money from Mob Wars hitlist, and you won’t lose anything if you die, as once your bounty is posted, the user will be publicly listed for attack by any mobster.

8. You can go to Godfather to use your Mob Wars favor points to exchange the cash, mob members (hired guns), full energy, full health, full stamina, properties, special items. You can use your real money (to support the Mob Wars developers) to buy the Mob Wars favor points or join the programs in Godfather link.

9. You can copy and paste this url after you login into your Mob Wars game and send the gifts to your friends.

10. You only start get more mob members after you reach level 25 and above, as you need to keep the money to equip them, and try to add around 5~10 new mob members for every level after level 25.

11. If you are getting more difficult to get more friends to join your mob, then you can keep your Godfather favor points first. So that you can always check from ‘Home’ to look for new items with additional 1 mob in order to buy it, then you can use the 10 favor points to get additional 2 mob members from Godfather offer.

12. Try to ask your friends always send you the ‘Milkor Grenade Launcher’ (to buy RAH-66 Commanche) and XM25 (to buy FIM-92 Stinger) to make your mob stronger and even you can fight with those mod size double than your one.

13. Always check your existing Level exp (remain how many exp to next level), and compare to your ‘Energy’, so that you won’t waste your Energy to do the jobs. As after increase to next level, Mob Wars game will change your Energy to full energy points. You can go and do any jobs (x1, x5 or x10) first before upgrade to next levels.

14. You can try to do the jobs to get more cards, so that you can trade more ‘skill boost’ or better weapons later, if you are not care about your cash to buy more buildings. Do the same job until you get to the next level.

15. There has a special weapon (Prototype TP9) and armor (Prototype Exoskeleton) if you help your friend on the new heists request, it is the same for you. You just need to recruit the heists and publish to Facebook wall, then you can ask your friend to help you click on it.

I just follow above methods and able to increase my Mob Wars level more than 110 levels in 30 days, and I am NOT spend whole day or everyday to play the Mob Wars game.

Mob Wars Level
Try arrange your own time and don’t put all your time to play the Mob Wars game, as you have your own normal life. Time management is very important, as you won’t get anything even you are king of Mob Wars in the game.

If you need to speed up your Mob Wars game performance, then you need a stable/fast Internet speed line and fast Internet browser to play the free Internet online computer game. You can get those info from below two links:
- Boots to High Speed Internet DSL Broadband
- Best and Fastest Internet Web Browser

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Facebook Mob Wars Game! Fighting and Mobsters Computer Game!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Facebook Country Story Tips and Tricks



Facebook Country Story game is new release and developed by Playfish again. Playfish has few great online flash games like Pet Society and Restaurant City. I will build up the Facebook Country Story game tips and tricks here if found any, and share with you my experience. But the main thing when I play this Country Story game, then I found the Country Story game is based on 3 major famous games concept to build it.

What is the 3 major games concept to build the Country Story?

If you play the Facebook Farmtown, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Burn Buddy before, then you will understand why I say combine 3 major games into one, and they add in some other designs (i.e. Quests), but the game skeleton still the same.

    1. You can plow, plant and harvest with different type of seeds or crops, and you can water the plants. (Farmtown)
    2. You can buy the flowers, trees, fences, building, materials or farms used boxes, barrel, hay bale, wood pile and others more to decorate your farm outside your house. (Farmtown)
    3. You can change your style to make you look pretty and there are number of hair and clothes with different color for you to choose. (Pet Society)
    4. You can change your house design for the roof, wall and the view behind your house, to make a lovely house for yourself. (Restaurant City)
    5. You need to drink and eat food to keep your energy (Stamina, Green Point), so that you can continue to do more jobs (i.e. Hoeing, Watering, Sowing, Harvesting crops). (Restaurant City)
    6. You can ask your friend take care your plants through ‘Get Help’ when you visit your friend. (Farmtown)
    7. You can go out from your house and visit different places (i.e. Market, Construction, Mayor, Livestock, Bank) to buy things or buy Playfish cash from Bank or social with friends. (Pet Society)
    8. You can buy many animals from Livestock and keep in your home, to play / feed them at the same time they will produce products (called produce) for you to earn money and take cake your home if you have a dog. (Farmtown + Pet Society + Barn Buddy + Own design to generate money)


Today (15/Aug/2009), the Country Story game consider new, and still in development /testing phases to get for more features for game players. Example mouse over then pop up items name, zoom in/out features, drag/drop with item pictures move together with cursor are still not available yet.

I foresee this Country Story game will be in top 10 Facebook game list in soon, if based on the monthly active users benchmark.


Some Facebook Country Story game tips and tricks:-

1. You can use the fertilizer in Country Story game to speed up your plants growth so that you can harvest it, and even some of plants growth complete immediately. But you need to use the Playfish cash, that you need to use your ‘real’ money to buy the Playfish cash through PayPal or PayByCash. Another methods to get the fertilizer is you visit your friend house or complete the quest with rewards.


image image


2. You need to walk around in your farm to look for ‘Wood’ or ‘Stone’ that you can grab it keep in your Storage first and later you can sell it to get some Country Story money (not the Playfish cash) or keep it as you need it when you buy animals. You even can get the ‘Wood’ or ‘Stone’ from your friend’s home, as they don’t have the dog yet.



3. You go out from your house and visit different places (i.e. Market, Construction, Mayor, Livestock, Bank) to get the quests, so that once you complete your quest and you will get the rewards from those places and increase your experience and get more money. Or you can click on the ‘Browse Quests’ to get the quests and rewards, and you will see it ‘Browse Quests’ bottom with yellow turning star once you complete the quest. Note: click ‘Accept’ first, then only perform your job activities for the quest.

4. You quick go visit your new friends who join the Country Story game, and you can get the rewards with 3 great items (i.e. fertilizer)

5. You remember to take your egg if not the max eggs for each chicken is 3 eggs only. If you didn’t take it, then every 6 hours it will not give you additional egg. You have to feed your chicken, so that it will grow up after 3 days and generate egg for you then you can sell it later.

6. You always can keep your plants and don’t sell it first, as possible the next few jobs need you to plant certain vegetable or seeds, and by that time you already have it. Unless you really need the Country Story coins to buy other seeds or things, then you only see it. Try not to sell your wood and stone, as you need it to buy other things later.

7. You will notice that Country Story only give you 5 free items per day, so if you already take 5 items (total mix in wood + stone), then you need to wait for another Country Story day.


If you need to speed up your Country Story game performance, then you need a stable/fast Internet speed line and fast Internet browser to play the free Internet online computer game. You can get those info from below two links:

- Boots to High Speed Internet DSL Broadband

- Best and Fastest Internet Web Browser


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Facebook Mob Wars game

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Facebook Sorority Life Tips and Tricks

Sorority Life

Facebook Sorority Life game already hit more than 5,000,000 monthly active users, mean getting more people addicted on this Sorority Life game. Sorority Life also available in MySpace. This is a great Facebook game for lady to play when you are stressful, then you can do fighting and slapping and release yourself. Facebook Sorority Life tips and tricks here is to help you get more energy, strange, confidence for your game character (so called doll) in Sorority Life game.

If you need to speed up your Sorority Life game performance, then you need a stable/fast Internet speed line and fast Internet browser to play the free Internet online computer game. You can get those info from below two links:

- Boots to High Speed Internet DSL Broadband

- Best and Fastest Internet Web Browser


Some Facebook Sorority Life tips and tricks:-

1. In Sorority Life game, people can steal your money when they attack you, so as soon as you have $1000 or more, then quick keep it in the bank.

2. You can get more money and influence points once you attack other a lot. You not need to worry that other people will attack you back, as this is a game only.

3. You need to get a better paid job in Sorority Life game so that you can earn more money and to buy the better glam to make you stronger.

4. No one can attack you when your confidence level go down to low enough (attack other people till it go down), then you can rest for while to regain back the confidence. During this time you can earn more cash from your job or other activities in Sorority Life game.

5. Most of the new Sorority Life player don’t know where to get the brownie points, but actually you can get the brownie points from house mom. You need to pay by ‘Real Money’ or join some offers in order to get the brownie points in order to buy the good glam items and get extra house members.

6. You can create 10 charactors in your Sorority Life games using the same account, so you can use the different options for your doll (DIVA, SOCIALITE, HEIRESS) to give you different chances in the games like making money easier, or fighting off attacks. But you only can switch the Sorority Life charactor after 60 mins.

7. You can join the Sorority Life community in order to get more sisters for your house. You can search from Internet, and there are lot. But anyone may able to see your profile in Facebook or MySpace later.

8. You can send and receive the gift in Sorority Life game, but is limited per day. So you need to receive the gift that you like most, follow by other gift.

9. You can buy more accessories, outfits or cars in the Sorority Life game to make you feel happy so that keep yourself continue to play this game.

10. You remember to click on the ‘energy’ on your Sorority Life charactor on left top, and use your skill point to improve your charactors.

11. You need to level up and increase your house size by inviting your Facebook or MySpace friends to join and play the Sorority Life game.

12. Once you fight with a rival and able to win and gain $70,000, then you can right click on the ‘Attack’ button in the ‘Rival Attack’ tab and copy down the URL link address or shortcut (depend on which Internet browser you are using, I got Firefox, Google Chrome and IE), the paste to your Internet browser address bar to go to this rival home page. OR you can click on her name in ‘Rival Attack' page to go to her house, then copy down the URL from your Internet browser address bar, and URL address like this ‘’. You can see a ‘Attack’ link, then just click on it many times until you (went to the spa) or her (hiding out in the spa). Even you won 1 or 2 times with $70,000 already enough for you to enroll the VIP treatment in spa to gain your confidence back to fight again until you don’t have enough stamina to fight or reach the spa limit. This is very easy to gain more than $1,000,000 for this Sorority Life game each round with your 12 stamina points. * Usually I will keep those $70,000 link as reference and use it when I play Sorority Life again.

Sorority Life Attack


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Facebook Sorority Life Game! Virtual Sorority Life!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Open Windows Live Writer Start Prompt Error and Methods to Fix

Yesterday, when I am writing a blog using Windows Live Writer 2009, and suddenly due to the Internet connection issue then had error to publish the blog, and then it hang and close automatically. When I try to open the Windows Live Writer 2009 again start prompt error and even I click ‘Send Report’ or ‘Do Not Send Report’, it won’t help.

Windows Live Writer 2009 prompt below error message:-

Windows Live Writer has encountered a problem. Unexpected end of file while parsing Name has occurred. Button - Send Report’ or ‘Do Not Send Report’.


Before I restart my computer, then I think it should have a way to fix it, then I try to find from Internet then found on below methods. It is possible due to a current Windows Live Writer 2009 program is running but hang in backend or some of the Windows Live Writer 2009 keywords file corrupted.


Method 1:- (Kill the Windows Live Writer program exe)

  1. Right click on the ‘Taskbar’, then choose the ‘Task Manager’
  2. Click on the ‘Processes’ tab
  3. Then you need to look for ‘WindowsLiveWriter.exe’
  4. Right click on the ‘WindowsLiveWriter.exe’ and click on ‘End Process’
  5. You can try to open the Windows Live Writer again


Method 2:- (Delete the corrupted keywords files in Windows Live Writer folder)

  1. For Windows Vista
    • Goto ‘Start’, then ‘Run’
    • Type ‘%AppData%\Windows Live Writer\Keywords’
  2. For Windows XP
    1. Goto ‘Start’, then ‘Run’
    2. Type ‘%UserProfile%\Application Data\Windows Live Writer\Keywords’
  3. You can see number of files like ‘keywords_xxxxx.xml’, then delete the files based on latest ‘Date Modified’, then try to open the Windows Live Writer again. If still prompt the error, then delete all the keywords files and try again.
  4. Once you are able to open your Windows Live Writer, then you can refresh your tags when you choose the ‘Set categories’ again.


I just use the method 1, then it fixed my problem. Now I can use my Windows Live Writer 2009 to write this post to share with you all. You not need to uninstall your Windows Live Writer if you not able to start or open it. Try the above methods first, unless still not working, then you need to uninstall and install the Windows Live Writer again.


Windows Live Writer Start Error! Fix First Rather Than Reinstall!

Facebook and MySpace Security Risks for Internet Online Users

Facebook and MySpace have become a very important online social application for many of us interact with our friends, family and colleagues. They have even been integrated into many peoples or companies to do the business or advertising in the Facebook or MySpace. But with all of this popularity comes some Facebook and MySpace security risks that we all need to take note and be cautions.


Beginning of June 2009, there were more than 25,000 pieces of malware that targeted social networking users. And all the time, both MySpace and Facebook have been the targets of malicious software. Facebook had the most serious problems with ‘Facebook Hit by Five Security Problems in One Week’ on March 2009. These events were all part of malware schemes that pose as Facebook applications or error messages.


“It’s difficult to tell if a link is legitimate or not, but you can usually tell by hovering your cursor over a link and reading the URL in the bottom left corner of your browser. Before clicking on any error message or application download, make sure you have carefully considered its authenticity and source. If the URL you’re being sent to doesn’t look right or sounds suspicious – don’t click on it.” by Brad Shaver.

Actually, Facebook or MySpace not really provide the security review for all the third-party applications before they put it in their site for Internet online users to use it. So, this is depend on the Facebook or MySpace users to decide accept to play or download or install those applications. As in the agreement mentioned that Facebook or MySpace won’t take any responsible if your personal data or profile leak out to other people. You always need to make sure the famous or so called ‘hot’ Facebook or MySpace applications or games are coming from a reputable source. You always can read the Facebook or MySpace term and condition to know more, and it even mentioned on your photos or pictures that you uploaded to their site can be used for other purpose by other people if have the access to your profile.



Facebook and MySpace Security Risks! Online Social Application Not Secure!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Influenza A (H1N1) High Risk Group And H1N1 Symptoms And List of Hospitals

Influenza A (H1N1) or ‘Swine Flu’ in Malaysia death up to 38 on 11/Aug/2009 (link) and most of them death in high risk group. The number of H1N1 cases in Malaysia increase rapidly, and Malaysia government still not really tighten the rules like other country, example China. US or Europe people are very difficult to apply the China Visa now, and China government take it seriously to force every airport to check passengers from every Airline and even take those people from hotel or office or their home back to special assigned hospital to quarantine them for 7 days if suspected within 1 ~ 2 day after left the airport.

I have a post in last month on how to differentiate the Influenza A H1N1 vs Common Flu, but looks like most of the children or senior citizen won’t able to notice by themselves as they still act as usual before turn it to serious situation, and sometime is too late.

What is the high risk group for Influenza A (H1N1)?

  • Senior citizen age from 65 years and older (more than 60 years old need to take note)
  • Children below age 5 years (below 10 years old need to take note)
  • People on long-term aspirin therapy
  • Pregnant women
  • People with asthma, organ failure, diabetes mellitus, and other disease
  • People leave near by or in the nursing home or other chronic care facilities
  • People work in crowded areas like shopping centers, airports, governments service centers, tourists areas, restaurants, hotels, etc

* Wear mask as possible as you can! Take care your hygiene!

If you have common flu by viruses or not sure is the H1N1 symptoms, there are few important steps you need to be care at home and act it accordingly.

  • If you have fever and less than 38, then take medicine as usual, but if you have fever time to time more than 38 and has H1N1 symptoms, then you may decide to go to hospital asap
  • You need to rest especially rest on bed more to get yourselves recover faster
  • Drink more water or soup or any fluids to avoid dehydration
  • Keep good ventilation in your house
  • Always check your temperature using the home monitoring tool, and try to check every half an hour if possible, if not every hour and record it down as you need to show to doctor if you visit to hospital
  • If you start notice as below and looks like H1N1 Symptoms, then quick go to hospital or clinic to check
    • Shortness of breath
    • Rapid breathing
    • Purple or blue discoloration of lips
    • Coughing out blood or blood-streaked sputum
    • Always chest pains
    • Always diarrhea or vomiting
    • Fever more than 38 persistent for 1 or 2 days
    • Less responsive, confusion or abnormal behavior for your children or senior person
    • Dizziness when standing
    • Reduce urine production

So far we don’t have the H1N1 antigens yet, and target to get the H1N1 antigens ready by end of year 2009 or beginning of year 2010. You can ready Why Is Vaccination Necessary Against Some Diseases?

Below are the list of hospitals that you could go to in the event you have been referred by a doctor to have further tests done.


Jalan Residensi

No. Telefon : 04-2225333
No. Fax : 04-2281737


41200 Klang

No. Telefon : 03-33757000
No. Fax : 03-33749557

47000 Sungai Buloh

No. Telefon : 03-61454333
No. Fax : 03-61454222


Jalan Rasah
70300 Seremban

No. Telefon : 06-7623333/ 7684000
No. Fax : 06-7625771



No. Telefon : 03-26155555
No. Fax : 03-26911681

Jalan Pahang
50586 Kuala Lumpur

No. Telefon : 03-40232966 (IPR)
No. Fax : 03-40218807 (IPR)

Lembah Pantai,
59100, Kuala Lumpur.

No. Telefon : 03-79494422
No. Fax: 03-79572253
Email :

Wilayah Persekutuan KL & Selangor


Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur


Prince Court Medical Centre


Pantai Hospital Cheras


Sunway Medical Centre


Tropicana Medical Centre


Tung Shin Hospital


Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya Sdn. Bhd


Assunta Hospital, PJ


KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital KL


Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre, Klang

Pulau Pinang


Gleneagles Medical Centre


Island Hospital


Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre


Penang Adventist Hospital

Earlier symptom on H1N1:-

When children has fever, the doctor will prescribe the fever medicine to consume either in 4 or 6 hours period. I think all of you guys know very well on this. Normally the fever will go down after taken the medicine, and it will come back after 3 or 6 hours. But if it for H1N1 infectious, the fever will not be going down after taking the medicine and it will consistantly stay at high temperature for hours. And if this condition continous for 48 hrs, then the possibility of H1N1 infectious will be very high. For this case, it mean consistent high fever for 48 hrs, doctor will straight away give the patient the H1N1 antiviral treatment, i.e. Tamiflu treatment for period of 7 days.


Please ensure you take the following precautions:
•    Seek medical attention the moment you show symptoms of Influenza A (H1N1) which are similar to seasonal influenza. An early symptom is high fever, and followed by cough, sore throat, runny nose, and sometimes breathlessness a few days later.
•    Stay home when you are sick. Do not go out, to work or to school. Discuss alternative work arrangements with your manager should this be required.
•    Avoid crowded places if you are unwell and wear a surgical mask to cover your nose and mouth.
•    Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water, especially before touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
•    Cover your nose and mouth with a piece of tissue paper when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of the tissue paper immediately and properly in the dust bin after use.

H1N1 Symptoms! Mostly Death in High Risk Group!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Forex = Foreign Exchange = Currency Trading = Money

We all always see a lot of word ‘Forex’ topics or articles then ignore it, WHY? Because most of us are not really know ‘What is Forex?’ and didn’t look for more information or feel bored as related to business trading area. But actually thousands of people are doing this daily intent to make more money as this is one of the faster way in certain countries. Forex mean Foreign Exchange, is a market for currency trading where let people to buy and sell currency to make money. So make it simple is Forex = Foreign Exchange = Currency Trading. In Chinese called 外汇,是‘foreign exchange’的缩写.


Forex can make a lot of money?

To be honest, I never try before but I want to know more on Forex for my own good. As you may not know that the world’s largest trading market is Forex, with more than 3.0 trillion US dollars daily and 24 hours non-stop currency trading activities. I believe now you can imagine the opportunity here from daily Forex volume, and just VERY small piece of cake you get, then you will be rich.


How to trade Forex?

Usually the currency exchange rate is quoted in pairs, example like EUR/USD (the Euro and the US Dollar). So the currency exchange rates will be changed daily based on the economics, politic events, disaster, share market, etc. If you think that Euro currency value will increase soon against US Dollar, then you buy EUR/USD. Once Euro/USD exchange rate go up, then you sell it and make profit. Simple like exchange product as we did it all the time but without physical goods, but risk is still here!


If you want to try the Forex trading, then I advise you read and understand more and even more again on Forex or currency trading techniques, requirements, secrets, tools, forecast, rules and regulations first before jump in. This is not a simple game for everyone to play, but is an opportunity for everyone to start making money, gain profit and become rich. I will compile and update here once I get information on Forex trading!


Forex! Foreign Exchange! Currency Trading! Money!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

DiGi Launch Cheapest Business Call Plan BIZ 30

One of the Malaysia’s mobile service provider DiGi Telecommunications just launch a cheapest business call plan ‘BIZ 30’ as promotion for some companies. We just need to pay $30 per month to get a lot of great services which is not only for business used, and even great for personal used too. Not sure when the DiGi will release this great call plan and available for everyone to subscribe!

One of the most important service is to provide the unlimited free calls for the Inter-company subscribers. It is not only limit to mobile number from 016 or 014 or 010, and it cover all the other existing mobile service provider’s number, example 012, 019, 017 if converted under Digi company without change their mobile number. At the moment, switching to DiGi is free!

Features BIZ 30
Minimum Usage/Commitment 30
Calls to all domestic network 13 sen
SMS to all domestic network 8 sen
Inter-Company Calls Unlimited free calls
Minimum Stay 12 months
Data Unlimited Plan additional $66/month


DiGi is not only to provide mobile communication services, it provide the mobile internet services and broadband as well. People usually called it as Internet Service Provider (ISP). As you can use the DiGi mobile Internet service to access the Net everywhere or subscribe the broadband with free modem.

I am thinking that if the four Malaysia mobile service providers DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile can join effort to create a total all-in-one Inter-company network for their subscribers and allow to use for unlimited free calls between DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile, then this is great for Malaysian.

Why Malaysia government doesn’t propose to DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile to create the all-in-one inter-company network calls (Let me call it nation-company network calls) to benefit citizen and improve the nation wide communication infrastructure and attract more foreign investors? As using the network VoIP, the cost is cheap and it is already in place for those mobile service providers. If the maintenance is too high, then you can propose the subscriber to pay extra $5 or $10 per month in order to join for the free calls in nation-company network calls. I believe most of the mobile subscriber love it! Why Not!

If Malaysia does it, then Malaysia is the first country to provide ‘free calls’ for the mobile subscribers within Malaysia mobile service providers using nation-company network calls concept.


DiGi BIZ 30! Cheapest Call Plan for Business!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proton Savvy Car Major Defects Cost You A Lot

Proton Savvy Major Defects Proton Savvy Major Defects


Malaysia Proton Savvy car has one major defect that will cost you a lot of money. I have changed the Proto Savvy car spare parts for 7th times (three time very expensive one) just less than 4 years. The 3 expensive one are end of last year - 1st one $800 (Ignition part due to car jerking), last 3 months - 2nd one $400 (Exhaust pipe broken, funny, they can’t give me any answer), 3rd one $1300 (Ignition part again + another 2 parts) yesterday. Total I have spent more than $3000 to change the Proton Savvy car spare parts less than 4 years and NOT including the normal car maintenance services, car tyre, car oil, etc.

People said Proton Savvy car good as not a ‘petrol-hungry’ car, but how much you can save for a year? Even you save $200 petrol a year, still not enough for you to pay for the spare parts.

I am so disappointed as below conversation yesterday in Proton Service Center.

I told the Proton Service Advisor that my car jerking, then he ask me is it Proton Savvy before I said anything. Then I said yes and ask him know anything or any ideas, then he said ‘Don’t know, need to check first’. Actually, I already know this is the same symptom for the 1st time I changed the Ignition part end of last year. Why his face look so funny when look at me and answer no idea and not sure.. be honest please!.. Once I have chance to get a new car.. Proton.. bye bye!

Before I paid, then i asked any warranty for the new spare parts? Yes (not including the cable or spark plug), warranty is 6 months or less than 10K km, but ask me check my spark plug every 20K or less than 50K km, and if got problem, then.. I think another $800 at least again.. Oh man..

I want to put in my blog here so that we can share the true story for everyone, and you can compare and decide before you spend for $40K and above to get a new car. This is not $1000 or $5000 products, and it is really related to your safety when you are on the road as well. Insurance won’t help you much when critical case happen to you, is too late friend.


Defects logged in Proton service center yesterday:-

  1. Engine jerking while driving or acceleration
  2. Engine hard to starting

Below are the Proton Savvy spare parts been changes yesterday without labour charges yet. Oh my god! They told me change spark plug won’t solve the problem, and have to change the whole set including Ignition part and he did show me to prove it..

Description Quantity Amount
8200702693 – Proton – Ignition Coil 1 356.00
8200713680 – Proton – Ignition Harness 1 309.26
8200673202 – Proton – Shunt Cable 1 258.25
8200643171 – Proton – Engine Speed Magnetic Sensor 1 86.68
8200030765 – Proton – Spark Plug 4 91.64
161W1135 – Go Remove Refit 1 Ignition Coil 0.300 ZH 15.00
54833110 – Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement 0.800 ZH 40.00


If you are looking for the same range of car, then I advise you to compare few more car models first before decide it. I won’t advise anyone I know to get Proto Savvy any more. I told my friend on this, then they said Perodua better than Proton, and ask me to get Perodua if look for local made car!


Proton Savvy Owner! Get Ready To Spend It!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blogger Ads Code Converter


Blogger Ads Code Converter Example


I am sure that you have the problem to paste Google Adsense, AdBrite, Amazon and other Ads HTML ode into your Blogger template directly, as it will prompt you an error message when you click the ‘SAVE TEMPLATE’ button to save the template, or without prompt any error but your ads didn’t show up on your blog post.

Blogger Ads Code Converter tool is a free tool that I get from Google Gadgets, and the purpose for this tool is for you to the convert “ & ” to “ &amp; ”, convert “ ' ” to “ &#039; ”, convert “ " “ to “ &quot; ”, convert “ < “ to “ &lt; ”, convert “ > ” to “ &gt; ”, and other more special characters to be used in XML documents, example Blogger template. So the Blogger Ads Code Converter can help you convert the Google Adsense, AbBrite, Amazon or other Ads html into embed xml format for you to add it into your blog posts or template, so that it will display it as normal HTML or Javascripts or CSS code when accessed by users. You can refer to below example for the Adsense HTML code converted to embed XML code format!

I call this tool is ‘Blogger Ads Code Converter’ as I am using the Blogger for my blog, but actually you can use it for other blog services as well (i.e. WordPress, TypePad). You can you use it now! :)




Original Adsense Code:-

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
/* 468x60 Banner, created x/xx/xx */
google_ad_slot = "xxxxxxxxxx";
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
<script type="text/javascript"

Converted Adsense Code:-

&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
google_ad_client = &quot;pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&quot;;
/* 468x60 Banner, created x/xx/xx */
google_ad_slot = &quot;xxxxxxxxxx&quot;;
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;



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- 10 Minutes Start Your Blog using Google Blogger

- Submit Full Blogger Atom Sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing Webmaster



Blogger Ads Code Converter! Your Blogging Needed Tool!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key Leak Before Release

Windows 7 Ultimate

Quick look at the Microsoft’s director of Genuine Windows blog (link here), he said that the Windows 7 Ultimate product key leak to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partner from Microsoft before release the Windows 7 on 22th October 2009. If from the various site of Internet news are valid, then the OEM is Lenovo (I think not only Lenovo), as Microsoft send the Windows 7 Ultimate RTM (release to manufacturers) ISO file with special product key (mean what? master key?) to be used for the new computers and plan to ship out soon.

Even from the Alex Kochis blog mentioned that Microsoft will seek for those customers who are using the Windows 7 product leaked key are non-genuine copy of Windows 7. But, if the computer running with the special Windows 7 product key and still valid after verified by Microsoft online/offline production validation tool (Windows Activation Technologies), then I believe this user will not change it then. Later this Windows 7 Ultimate RTM copy (non-expired version) will leak to market as pirates copy for everyone. Microsoft better improve their process on this!

If this is the Microsoft mistake, then I have doubt on this, as this is a VERY important step or process for Microsoft team to check through first before release to OEM. May be this is ONE of the Microsoft business strategy to let people know that we still can use the Microsoft Operating System latest version ‘Windows 7’ without buy the valid original product key from Microsoft, and mean that Windows 7 still able to be cracked by other people (so called hacker) or can use the Windows 7 leaked copy from pirate DVD (if someone take it out from Lenovo or Microsoft).
Below is the Microsoft Windows 7 product price based on 1/Aug/2009, and you can get it from Microsoft Store.

Product Type
Order Type
* Price
Windows 7 Ultimate (Full version)
Preorder Download

Preorder Download + Backup Disc
$319.99 + S14.95

Preorder Ship It
Windows 7 Ultimate (Upgrade version)
Preorder Download

Preorder Download + Backup Disc
$219.99 + $14.95

Preorder Ship It
Windows 7 Professional (Full version)
Preorder Download

Preorder Download + Backup Disc
$299.99 + $14.95

Preorder Ship It
Windows 7 Professional (Upgrade version)
Preorder Download

Preorder Download + Backup Disc
$199.99 + $14.95

Preorder Ship It
Windows 7 Home Premium (Full version)
Preorder Download

Preorder Download + Backup Disc
$199.99 + $14.95

Preorder Ship It
Windows 7 Home Premium (Upgrade version)
Preorder Download

Preorder Download + Backup Disc
$119.99 + $14.95

Preorder Ship It
* Price may change anytime, and you need to read the instructions from Microsoft Store before place an order.

System Requirements:-
CPU – At least 1GHz
RAM – At least 1GB
Hard disk – At least 20 GB
Video Card – Must support DirectX 9 and above

Note: You still can download the Windows 7 RC version from this link before 20/August/2009. Quick..

If you don’t have additional computers to test the Windows 7, then you can download the Sun VirtualBox free tool to create a virtual system on top of your existing OS. I am using the Sun VirtualBox, and performance is great and faster than my existing OS Windows XP.

* Actually, the news is from China first due to Windows 7 Ultimate OEM product key leak to Lenovo. If you can read Chinese, then you can read from this link on how they activate the Windows 7 Ultimate using the product key leak to Lenovo, and they said even can use for other computer BIOS, and not only Lenovo, HP and Dell computers. They are using this Windows 7 crack tool name ‘Windows 7 RTM OEM模拟激活工具’ to activate the Windows 7 Ultimate, as it able to modify and simulate it your system like OEM computer so that can use the leak OEM product key for Windows 7 Ultimate version only.

Windows 7 Product Key Leak! Windows Users New & Upgrade Free!